Transitioning into Fall Fashion in Texas

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by Daniela Garcia
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fall fashion
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We are undoubtedly in the calm before the storm; right after the summer season has ended officially and inevitably we’re experiencing a shift in weather that we don’t know how to deal with. Should I wear a long-sleeve today or a tank top underneath a sweater? Can I wear a scarf yet? How about these really nice boots my mom gave to me as a gift? And that adorable bini representing Texas State?

What do we do in the awkward stage that we seem to experience in weather here in Texas, especially with a campus such as our own, Texas State University?

For one, it doesn’t always have to be about comfort. We as college students may be concerned about the way we appear, at least most commonly we would like to look nicely. There are some of us who perhaps choose not to devote much time to their appearance because there are more important things we can concern ourselves with. Each side is respectable and we have one thing in common: we still have to decide every morning whether or not we should grab that sweater before we go, and if we can still feel comfortable in shorts.

Our schedules vary, some of may arrive to campus earlier than others, sometimes while the moon is still out and shining. Understandably, those of us who arrive earlier than others will be greeted with the naturally cooler atmosphere that slowly wanes into a warmer environment. Those coming onto campus around the afternoon or later part of the morning will probably notice a few jacket-wearers and even some warm fuzzy boots. Some will probably ask themselves why people are being so bizarre wearing winter-like wear or more non-Texas Fall clothing.

The thing is, some of us will start our day earlier, calling for more layers. Some of us may naturally feel colder than others, especially during cooler weather. Others, however, are simply excited to sport their fall fashion clothing in the fear that Texas will just decide to jump right into Winter season, leaving us all a little bit saddened and cold.

There really isn’t a right or wrong at any time of the year to judge other people based off of what they’re wearing, unless of course we find it suspicious for a college campus. However, we actually might feel a little strange by being in this weather-fashion dissonance with people wearing shorts and tank tops while others sport a light jacket paired with a scarf.

Quite honestly, we have more important things to worry about, like the primary purpose as to why we came to college in the first place: our education.

Maybe you haven’t even noticed the non sequitur fashion Texas conundrum occurring around you but trust me, it is. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about it. However, if you are one of these people stuck in between one of these two types, I have a few tips you may be able to take with you.

Check the weather before you go out

Every morning I wake up and open up by weather page within which includes an hourly forecast of the day’s temperatures. This can be a major lifesaver seeing as Texas likes to surprise us.

Evening showers

Evening showers could cool you off at night and regulate your body temperature so that you won’t be tempted to shower in the morning if it’s cold outside. By showering in the mornings on a cold morning, you might be prone to layering unnecessarily and wound up having to carry more clothing than you would like to by midday.

Light Sweaters

Come on. Who could go wrong with a light sweater? If it gets too warm you can wrap it around your waist, because that’s totally something that’s in right now.  If it gets too cold and you didn’t bring enough layering, well, at least you’re not sweater-less. Light sweaters are part of the emergency-kit during summer to fall to winter transitions.

Small Umbrellas

Like I previously mentioned, Texas likes to surprise us all. You may be having a fine hair day, then one step outside your fresh political science classroom and it starts sticking to your skin with the abundant humidity of San Marcos. For this, I suggest putting some anti-frizz serum in a travel-sized bottle for that. As far as our local weather to develop rain suddenly, we can consider purchasing a small umbrella that is much easier to carry around with us, whether it is in our backpacks or simply in hand.


Sunglasses are another accessory you can’t really go wrong with. They’re so small and fashionable that it is almost always understandable to wear them. If you’re afraid of cracking your glasses and want to avoid placing them in your backpacks or purses, you can either sport them over your neckline and even on your head.

Thin Bottoms

If you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to carry much or anything at all while on campus or even simply around town, you might also be the type of person who doesn’t like to weigh yourself down with heavy layers. Thin but complete bottoms or tops is highly suggested for you friends. This way you’d be covering exposed areas in case the weather does chill but it would be light enough for you to still feel comfortable through the thinness of the layers.

Airey Shoes

Undoubtedly, Texas can get wickedly hot during Fall and even Winter season, and seemingly out of nowhere at that. Wearing shoes that will leave your toes breathing room is something to consider, because you don’t want to wear something that will destabilize your entire body temperature with your lower half sweating and sticking against the compressed boots. You might even still be comfortable wearing sandals, but even then you might find yourself slipping if it gets too hot and your piggies start sweating, or if it starts getting cooler and your piggies turn purple.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is legging weather. Hooray! Why are we so excited for leggings? Because they’re comfortable and cute and affordable, that’s why. We can recycle them throughout the week with different outfits and no one will notice. Sneaky, sneaky. However, some of us may have trouble pairing our tights and leggings with appropriate outfits. A few suggestions I have for legging-wearers and embracers like me are the following: long blouses, skirts, shorts, overalls, and dresses. You have options! Let’s face it, it’s really hard to look bad in a pair of adorable tights, and buying a pair will cost you little money. Win. Win.

The next time you see someone wearing something you think isn’t appropriate for the climate, consider the different timings of your schedule, consider your overall personal preferences and consider that even if that one guy is wearing a muscle shirt and shorts while you decided to wear warm-ups and a sweatshirt’s, the real important focus point is that exam you’ve been studying for. Go get ‘em, Bobcat.

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