Wake The Dead’s Thursday Poetry Night

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by Daniela Garcia
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wake the dead poetry night
Photo by Daniela garcia

On every first Thursday of every month, Wake the Dead Coffeehouse holds a poetry night within which local talent performs one of their poems for a much enthusiastic crowd. The readings begin at 7:30 p.m. after there has been a list provided for anyone wanting to participate. This past Thursday November 5, 2015, I decided to stop by for the first time for their Poetry night, and it was certainly a creative motivator.

Not only this, but watching different writers perform their poetry helped inspire me to get involved myself more on stage. It’s a great way of practicing performing in front of a small crowd that will appreciate your work regardless of whether you think it’s great or not. The environment is genuinely supportive and respectful. I find this suiting for someone who would be afraid of large crowds and discouraging responses.

Before the reading started, I took the liberty of interviewing two amazing poets who were performing that night. Let me just say…wow!

Hi! What’s your name?

Kelany Brent

What’s your hometown Kelany, if you don’t mind me asking?

Oh, no that’s totally fine! I’m from San Antonio, TX

Awesome! So Kelany, how old are you?

I’m nineteen, actually.

Do you write poetry regularly?

Yes, almost everyday.

What kind?

Freeverse. Every once in awhile I’ll play around with different structures.

Do you listen to anything while writing?

Music. I cannot narrow it down. I listen to everything: classical, opera, heavy metal,   alternative, rap. Sometimes I have to change the song if it doesn’t match my mood.

Any favorite poet(s)?

Edgar Allan Poe, he’s a classic. Andrea Gibson modern poet, free verse, very artistic   and beautiful language. She’s probably a lot like Walt Whitman. My favorite poem actually takes from his “I Sing the Body Electric”.

How do you feel about reading tonight, is this your first time?

Yes, it is my first time. I’m nervous because the funny part is I did theatre for 7 years,    performed 4 years of poetry and got awards, but I’m never performed other people’s poetry’s only Andrea Gibson’s. It’s just very personal to me, usually I wouldn’t be, but it feels like I’m starting things all over again. I hate it! *laughs*

Second Interview

Hi there! What’s your name?

Victoria kuykendall.

Thanks so much! So Victoria, where is your hometown?

Cedar Park, Texas

How old are you?

I’m twenty years old.

Do you write poetry regularly? If so, what kind?


A little bit of everything to be quite honest. It gives me more freedom to do more. A lot of     poetry is more meant to be heard than read. I can do other styles but I’d have to look at the actual structure. I feel freeverse has more emotion.

Do you ever listen to music while writing? If so, what kind of music?

I listen to anything instrumental, typically things with lots of emotion, classical music,    rarely anything with lyrics, depends on the song. Violins. Generally orchestra music. I love Beethoven. Anything where you can feel the emotion coming from the music.

Do you have any favorite poet(s)?

Edgar Allan Poe, I love him too! And…

Mary  Wollstonecraft,  Mary Shelley’s mother. She was a feminist, writer poet.

I’ve fallen in love with a bunch of her poems. I absolutely love everything she had. Everything she stood for. A lot of her stories were more political, if you will.

How do you feel about performing tonight?

I’m a little nervous but I always get a little nervous before a show. I really love sharing my  work. I tend to have a little bit of anxiety going on before, but once I’m up there I’m good.

Is this your first time? If not, do you remember your first time doing a poetry reading?

My first time in college there was an open mic happening for a sorority in the english   building open for everything. I ended up going there and reading some of my poetry with some of my friends. The last one was for a feminist rally.

Well that’s all the questions I have for you guys. Thanks so much for your sitting down with me. I’m really excited to hear you guys reading tonight and I wish the best of luck!

Maybe hearing about these two poets will inspire you to give Wake the Dead’s Poetry Night a shot!

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