Mac DeMarco: Another One tour at Stubb’s in Austin Review

By Allison Belcher
Music Reviewer

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.46.58 PMWith his gapped front teeth, chain smoking habit, eclectic personality, and carefree style, Mac DeMarco is an aesthetic within himself. Mac wowed the crowd last night at Stubb’s BBQ music venue in Austin for his “Another One” album tour, and left his fans wanting more. The sold-out show gave no disappointment, and a night of extreme jamming to stoner pop tunes gave way. Mac opened the set with, “The Way You’d Love Her” and ended the concert with an intense and long guitar riff, pumping up the crowd and initiating mosh pits between band members and the audience. DeMarco pleased both fans of his new album and of his older work, playing a healthy amount of songs from albums Another One, Salad Days, and 2. DeMarco and fellow band members interacted with the crowd all throughout the concert, giving off a more personable feel despite the large crowd.

Mac’s fan base is incredible. Everyone meshed well together, a positive energy emitted from the crowd, and nobody was afraid of being packed together and sweaty. The cliché yet relevant saying “good vibes” would accurately describe DeMarco’s concert last night. The energy emitted from DeMarco’s fans was contagious, adding on to the experience as a whole.

While DeMarco played several songs off of Another One, he took time to perform popular oldies such as “Chamber of Reflection” and “Ode to Viceroy”, uniting the crowd together with the shared love of his older songs.. Overall, the concert was a spiritual experience, and I hope I speak for everyone when I say it made my love for Mac’s quirky and odd personality grow. Two thumbs up goes out to the funky Brooklyn babe that is Mac DeMarco.

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