Texas State Emergency Post

Student Shot, Killed During Attempted Robbery

Kasandra Garza
Assistant News Director

Texas State Emergency Post
Photo by Robert Nunez


San Marcos police are investigating the death of a Texas State University student who died after being shot early Sunday morning during an attempted robbery.

Justin Douglas Gage was visiting friends at The Retreat when three men followed him into the apartment complex.

Gage and a friend struggled with one of the suspects, after the man threatened the Gage and his friend with a pistol.

Gage was shot during the altercation and later collapsed in the parking lot while running after the three men. He was transported to University Medical Center-Brackenridge where he was treated for gunshot wounds to the torso and upper arm.

Gage did not regain consciousness and died early Sunday afternoon.

The three suspects were described as black males between 5-foot-8-inches and 5-foot-10-inches. Two suspects were wearing a black mask, one wearing a white mask.

San Marcos Police Department is investigating the shooting, saying there have been similar robberies in the San Marcos area. Several of those robberies have been linked to drugs.

If anyone has information regarding the suspects, you are urged to contact Detective Sandra Spriegel at 512-753-2369.

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