Wendy Davis to Come to Texas State

By Clayton Kelley
News Reporter


Photo by Nathalie Cohetero
Photo by Nathalie Cohetero

Those who have a strong interest in politics will be happy to hear that Wendy Davis will be visiting Texas State University.

Although it has been more than a year since Wendy Davis’s loss for Texas Governor in 2014, she has still managed to become one of Texas’ most influential female political icons.

On February 10, Wendy Davis plans to bring her influence and voice to Texas State University.

Press secretary of College Democrats Jeffrey Bradshaw is excited to have such a strong woman in politics arrive.

“I think it will just be really cool to see Wendy Davis because she did that filibuster, she’s a very big person in Texas politics, and it will be great to see her. She’s very cool and will definitely get you engaged in the political process when she comes.”

Bradshaw hopes Davis will give more insight on what she’s been doing with her new initiative, which includes the importance of female and minority representation.

Political Science instructor Josh Quinn said voter turnout in younger people are typically low but this statistic is changing for the better.

“I think we’re seeing a younger generation that is more interested in politics than the previous generation and I think we’re going to see some changes in the political arena because of that. I think bringing people who have caught the eye of millennial voters like Wendy Davis is going to increase the numbers of people who are interested in politics and can see the impact and effect it has on their life.”

Quinn is looking forward to having someone with this much experience come to Texas State.

“I think it’s neat to get people who actually have taken part in the democratic process to come here so people can see that politicians and candidates are real people. They’re not just some figure or celebrity way off in the distance.”

Davis will begin her speech at 5:30 on February 10 in Evans 116. 

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