Bobcat Radio Discusses National Signing Day, Bobcat Athletics, NFL and NBA

Hosted by Ryan Marcus, Jonathan Rodriguez and Jason HarrisBobcat Radio Logo

On today’s show Ryan Marcus, Jonathan Rodriguez and Jason Harris discuss the 2016 Texas State Bobcat football recruiting class. Listen as they go in depth with some of the holes that were filled with this recruiting class and expectations for the Coach Withers and the future of the team.

Ryan, Jonathan and Jason discuss the Men’s and Women’s basketball road trip versus Sun Belt conference teams along with some high points and low points of the past few games for the Bobcats.

Listen as the guys discuss the Bobcat baseball and softball teams in anticipation for the 2016 season and a possible chance to win some free tickets to Bobcat Baseball games. They also speak on the NFL Pro Bowl and if the NFL should keep it or just eliminate the event completely.

To wrap Monday’s segment up the guys talk about the Spurs vs. Cavaliers game this past weekend and whether the Mavericks and Rockets can compete with the Spurs for the best team of Texas. They also speak briefly on a new district realignment for the San Marcos Rattlers High School team.




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