Humans of San Marcos: Candy, Sweets and Treats

By Sarah Bey
Blog Content Contributor

Photo by Sarah Bey
Leanne Latham. Photo by Sarah Bey

Leanne Latham, 33, is the owner of the new candy store, Candy, Sweets and Treats, in downtown San Marcos. Latham opened her store’s doors about six months ago. Latham said she has always liked candy.

“I just wanted to bring something to San Marcos that San Marcos didn’t have that I would enjoy coming to everyday,” Latham said. “[Something] that people would enjoy coming to everyday. I wanted to provide something for the community.”

A relationship had brought Latham down to Kyle from Fort Worth, Texas in 2010. Latham said she moved to San Marcos a year later. Although she is no longer in the relationship, Latham said she fell in love with the area.

“I was like OK, this is home. So I stayed,” Latham said.

As the sole owner of Candy, Sweets, and Treats, Latham runs it all. She cleans the store, handles the merchandise, customer service, books, purchasing and researches different kinds of candy. But Latham said her chihuahua, Dodger, is the store’s mascot.

“He’s my right hand man,” Latham said.

“My day-to-day routine consists of the store and the gym,” Latham said. “That’s about it.”

Starting any business presents many challenges and Latham said she could not have done it without the help of the Main Street Initiative. They helped her find the space for her store and served as Latham’s ears-on-the-ground. Once Main Street Initiative found the space, Latham said they called her immediately and she looked at it the next day.

Photo by Sarah Bey

“You can do as much research and you think you have everything planned,” Latham said. “Then, there’s going to be at least 10 things come up unexpectedly. It just took a lot of dedication, research, time and networking.”

Not only does Latham support her business but she also supports the local schools. Latham said she paid for some Rattler shirts to be thrown out at games and the funds went to one of the causes at San Marcos High School.

While she’s not running the store, Latham spends time with her eight nieces and nephews. She also loves the river, bike-riding, and likes going to Palmer’s, Cody’s, and the Root Cellar.

Latham also has an entire foreign section of candy in her store. At the moment, Latham’s favorite candy is the Kinder Hippos imported from Germany.

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