Curly Hair Care

By Asia Daggs
Blog Content Contributor

If you have curly hair, you have probably struggled at least half of your lifetime. Growing up with a head full of unruly curls was literally the death of me. I hated waking up in the morning to deal with it but I eventually got comfortable with my hair and grew to love it.

Curly hair can be very tedious to take care of. Over the the past year, I started following a set of guidelines that I like to call the “Curl Commandments.” It seems silly because of the name but I promise the results are worth it!

Sleep on satin pillowcase
Satin will not dry out your curls and will help keep it moisturized. This is one of the hardest rules for me to follow. I hate satin so instead of getting a pillowcase, I use a satin cap to wear while sleeping. It works just as well.

I had been using brushes since I can remember, but I had to switch to a wide-toothed comb. Brushing curls can weaken the curl pattern and create split ends. Using your fingers or a comb to detangle is much healthier and has quicker results.

Limit heat use
We all love to straighten our crazy hair sometimes. Unfortunately, heat is probably the bane of curly hair’s existence but it is OK to use it every once in awhile. I have spaced it out to only 2-3 times a year just to be on the safe side. Luckily, many brands have their own type of heat protectant for us to use! I am currently using Aussie’s Heat Protectant because it is lightweight and non-oily.

Photo by Asia Daggs
Mixed Chicks is a popular favorite among curly hair treatment. Photo by Asia Daggs

Shampoo less
This was also a difficult transition for me because I absolutely love a fresh set of curls. Shampoos come with sulfates and other icky chemicals like parabens. Hair brands – such as Mixed Chicks or Curls – create shampoos without the harmful ingredients and are great to use.

Condition, condition, condition!
This is the best part of having curly hair! I like to trying a variety of good conditioners to find which ones I will stick to. Again, you have to make sure it does not have any of the damaging ingredients but there are plenty to choose from. My favorite to use is made by the brand OGX and it is called Coconut Curls. It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling moisturized.

There are many versions to the Curl Commandments and other sets of rules to use but I generally follow these 5 and I have gotten great results. I also give myself a small trim every other month to keep off dead ends and allow my hair to grow faster. Do not be discouraged if you do not notice results right away, give it time! If you are interested in vloggers, check out SunKissAlba on YouTube; she has great tutorials on taking care of curly hair. I hope the guidelines and the other types of advice can help you begin your journey to healthy curls.

Featured image by Asia Daggs.

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