In the Public Interest Discusses Education

By Jacquelyn Carter
In the Public Interest Host

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today,”

-Malcolm X

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This week on In the Public Interest, your hosts DaLyah Jones and Jacquelyn Carter discuss important topics within education.

This week’s show includes stories from Laura Aebi, Taylor Zavala, Kat Huerta and Marques Mingo.

With implementation of harder standardized test by the state of Texas, grade school students are suffering. Laura Aebi has the story.


Should sending your child to private school be more affordable? Taylor Zavala discusses the growing conversation and how government funding of private schools can affect the school system.


Kat Huerta covers a heavily discussed issue on campus, financial aid. Listen to her story to hear about the effects debt has on students.


Marques Mingo talks about the educational differences students may receive between a PWI and HBCU institution.

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