Riding The Wave, With CUMWAVE

By Brandon Deleon
Blog Content Contributor

On February 18th, 2016, CUMWAVE brought the noise down to San Marcos at Valentino’s Pizza. The band is a duo out of Austin, Texas, formed in 2014 by drummer Daniel Argall and guitarist/vocalist Lev Merka.

There are many ways to describe their sound but really no way to understand without seeing the band live. I asked Lev to put it into words for me, saying, “We are a mixture of noise, garage, doom, and surf… It’s about busting internally,” said Lev.

I couldn’t help but think, “these guys are so heavy, too heavy, but definitely not metal.” Lev agreed with this sentiment and disconfirmed being a metal band but the spirit and influence is there. The vocals are reminiscent of Slayer, while the guitar tone is extremely heavy. I don’t really like when bands don’t have a bass player (although it’s totally fine to not have one,) but CUMWAVE definitely has the low end covered and I honestly felt like nothing was missing. They can do it all as a duo.

When they’re not in a heavy, pedal affected full speed/full blast-riff, they are playing quiet riffs that sound like The Garden’s “Vada Vada” style. The Garden is a bass and drum duo but Lev’s unique guitar tone hitting single notes definitely sounds like the reverb heavy, mid-range bass sound the Garden go for.

Daniel’s drumming was always on point, being the backbeat to Lev’s chaotic riffs. He cited Panda Bear from Animal Collective as an influence, as well as Health and Lightning Bolt. The duo seem well rehearsed and also well-prepared for things to go wrong. Even when things weren’t perfect, seeing them immediately bounce back was really exciting.

Another mission statement from the band: “Be dope.” – Daniel Argall

CUMWAVE wants YOU to know that they are in the processing of releasing an EP titled CUT.


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