Humans of San Marcos: Jenna Watson

By Sarah Bey
Blog Content Contributor

Jenna Watson. Photo by Sarah Bey
Jenna Watson. Photo by Sarah Bey

Jenna Watson is a 22-year-old photography student from Dallas. Watson plans to graduate in December 2016.

How’s your day going?

It’s five-dollar Friday (at Smoothie King,) so it’s great. I only have a day class so that kind of sucks. But other than that it’s great.

So why photography?

I’ve just always had a passion for it since I was younger. I’ve always had cameras growing up. Plus, I want a career that I really want to enjoy.

What are your plans after graduation for photography?

I don’t have any yet actually. I don’t know what I want to do with it yet. I guess probably like an internship or something like that would be pretty helpful.

Do you want to go out of state or stay?

I guess it would depend on the project itself and what it called for. If I wanted to be like a part of the concept and you know telling people about that subject.

I see you have tattoos. (There’s a geometrical pattern on her right forearm.) What does that one mean?

It’s Owsla. It’s Skrillex’s record label. It’s like a dubstep band.

And you have tattoos on your fingers. What do those mean?

The open circle-dots is actually the symbol for light. Photography is drawing with light so that’s what that means. I also have a moon and a heart because I liked those.

Do you have a job other than being a full-time student?

I work at Pie Society. My friend actually worked there and one day I walked down there and had a slice of pizza. They just ended up hiring so I just applied.

Do you enjoy it? How long have you been working there?

Almost a year and yeah. Everybody is really cool that works there. Their company overall is really great. My bosses and stuff are cool.

Do you mind if I ask about your hair?

No, it’s fine! I’ve had it blue for like two years almost. The other day I just pulled it into a ponytail and just cut it all off. It used to be to my butt and it was all blue.

What motivated you to cut it off?

It’s so hot and I feel like I always had it up in a ponytail. So, I was just tired of having my hair up all of the time when I put so much into dying it, you know.

Do you have any crazy plans for Spring Break?

No, but my cousin is coming into town for a little bit. We’re going to drink and stuff. I’m just going to work for the rest of it and stay here.

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