KTSW X Head for the Hills 2016 (Playlist)

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By The KTSW Music Staff

The fourth annual Head for the Hills festival is now in full effect this weekend until the 26th. The festival is a three day celebration of all varieties of the arts. Head for the Hills is tucked away in the scenic Quiet Valley Ranch in Kerrville, TX. Boredom is not an option with quirky activities such as unicycle football, kundalini yoga, glass blowing and a variety of workshops. For more information about the festival head over to the Head for the Hills website.

  • “Take Flight” – The Deer: Take Flight takes you on a groove-based somber journey with its plotting bass lines and comforting vocals of Grace Park. Listen to this song when you are surrounded by hundred of unclimbed trees on a spring day.” – Nestor Vasquez, Music Director
  • “Chiny Chuna” – Thriftworks: “It’s nearly impossible for me to pinpoint my single favorite Thriftworks song, his music constantly inspires me through my everyday grind. Its easy enough for me to answer with something off his newer releases like “Chiny Chuna” off his Fader release because it is some of the first truly strange, completely enveloping sound experience that spoke to my spirit and path in life.” – Ashley Galvan
  • “Be Like Water” – KaminadaKendra Sells
  • “Road Funk” – Eufórquestra: “Have you ever driven down the street on a sunny day with you with your hood down, Ray Bans on, dog in the passenger seat, but just didn’t know what song to play to turn heads and make people think, “whoa, that dude is cool, also, it is 1976?” This song solves that problem. Euforquestra’s style of 70’s funk is a blast to the past that keeps me energized and ready to take over the world. So much so that it can substitute my morning coffee.” – Ezlyh Gutierrez
  • “Wisdom” – Kapsize: “Kapsize is an Austin-based band that consist of mutiple KTSW and Texas State university alumnus. Their reggae rock fusion group is bound to get the audience exciteed by their sound.” – Brittany Robinson, Asst. Music Director
  • “Self-Expression” – Mind’s Eye Muse: “Self Expression’s hypnotic eastern scales and riveting rhythms evoke ephemeral enlightenment. The flamenco/rumba guitar with sitar effects hypnotically entrance me and catalyze profound introspection; It is great for meditation and self-reflection which are two stepping stones to true self expression.” – Ryan Lacerda
  • “One Eye Closed” – Gaddy – Cheyenne Heaslet
  • “Conscious Droplets” – Kaminada: “I was instantly hooked by the hang drum rhythm in the beginning. He finds a way to blend tribal drums and uplifting sonic extures over electronic beats into one cohesive piece that takes you on a spiritual journey of bliss. Although an older single of his, Kaminada’s third-eye sound really comes out strong on this track to me. This song would be a great example of how to describe what the genre “IDM,” Intelligent Dance Music, is.” – DeMarcus Cobb
  • “Wrist Wrist Wrist” – Thriftworks: “This song hearkens back to the UK in the mid ’90s when trip-hop and downtempo took its brief reign through the use of tense but loungy instrumentals and electronic experimentation. It reaches a weird midsection between Massive Attack/Portishead and the interstellar beat making of Flying Lotus and the Brainfeeder collective.” – Tre Simmons
  • “Hill Country Baby” – Rock Bottom String Band: “The San Marcos-based Rock Bottom String Band swoops in and saves the day with this bustling bluegrass jam. “Hill Country Baby” features a washboard instead of drums, the perfectly honky-tonk vocals of Alex Schultz, and the flavor of a fun time. It instantly makes me want to grab a partner and swing around!” – Melissa Johnston
  • “The Brazilian Hipster” – Fort Knox Five: “The upbeat nature of the beginning of the song gives the listener a feeling of contentment. The latin influences in the rhythms make it impossible not to tap your toes along with it.” – Denise Marrufo
  • “Love Jamm” – Henry + The Invisibles: “This feel-good soul-pop track is Henry + The Invisibles’ single from 2013 and is just as uplifting as the track title itself. You’re guaranteed to have your arm around the others in the crowd by the end of this track at his set at Head for the Hills!” – Janelle Abad, Local Music Director
  • “Salvation” – Chasca: “If the eclecticity is what attracted you to Head For The Hills, then you’ll need to brace yourself for the avant-garde showstoppers named Chasca. The perfect breath of classic rock energy cloaked in Rocky Horror theatrics has a way of transfusing glory into the audience.” – Connor Schwanke
  • “A Fuerza” – Thriftworks: “Thriftworks is the kind of band that any festival goer is sure to love. Its vibrant electronic beats and eclectic instrumental use is sure to appeal to all lovers of music. It’s danceable and easy listening, which is what festivals should be all about.” – Allison Belcher

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