Bobcats Resonate at Head for the Hills

By Kendra Sells
Head for the Hills Press Team


Photo by Kendra Sells.
Photo by Kendra Sells.

Weekend Warriors of Texas State, Resonant Frequency, touched down at Head for the Hills on Thursday. I sat down with the trio and talked about juggling school and tour life, lettuce and their contributions to future funk.

The group formed only two years ago and have since played various shows and a headlining gig at Cosmic Flux in Arkansas. Resonant Frequency is made up of talented former hip-hop heads who fuse their ’90s influences with contemporary production and live instrumentation.

The words “Resonant Frequency” have denotative meanings, but I wanted to hear from the band what their name means to them.

“I think it applies to a lot of different things,” Landon Reichle said. “We like to get on the same level with people and there’s a resonance with everything and everybody and it’s explaining how we make connections with people through our music.”

“And then on a more scientific side, every object has a structural resonant frequency that oscillates when the right frequency hits it,” Vince Seidl said. “Like the idea of breaking a wine glass with someone singing, the earth has a resonant frequency. You can feel it.”

The group truly does resonate. Head for the Hills was a perfect experience for the band to touch the souls of many. Their energy moved the crowd and the dance floor was wild from start to finish.

While both Vince and Landon are still students at Texas State, drummer Ben is a graduate. He and the group serve as an example of the rewarding hustle of successfully playing in a band while handling their academics.

“Fitting school around the music is kind of how it was for me until I graduated. I dedicated everything to that and had to make time for school to get it done,” said Ben.

It was a pleasure getting to know my fellow Bobcats at Head for the Hills. Resonant Frequency is currently working on completely mastering their music before releasing, but in the meantime, they have some songs on their soundcloud to preview and get a small taste of what they’re all about.

Intro song: “Like You Like It” by Resonant Frequency.

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