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Kendra Sells’ new single, "U n Me" album art, which features two abstractly painted heads.


Kendra Sells and Her Upcoming Solo EP

By Samantha Oesch Music Journalist Pandemic life has been drastically different, but it has not stopped Austin-based solo artist Kendra Sells from creating. Sells, singer of local neo-soul group Blumoon, has stepped out of her comfort zone in writing her upcoming EP “All In Your Head” and performing solo gigs. Branching out to play solo has been a new experience for Sells. She has always been “DIY” with creating album […]

todayMarch 21, 2021 99


Artist Pass Along: Blu Moon

By Sawyer Stull Music Journalist Blu Moon is a duo from San Marcos. Kendra Sells and Beau Carnes are two mass communications majors at Texas State with an immense passion for music. Kendra began her path in music while in middle school playing percussion for the the school’s band program. Beau started similarly, playing clarinet in his middle school band. Both of them would go on to continue playing in their high […]

todayFebruary 27, 2017 20


Recap: Mala Luna Fest in Photos

By Kendra Sells Hip-Hop Journalist KTSW 89.9 had the pleasure of attending Mala Luna in San Antonio on Oct. 29 and 30.The festival grounds, hosted at The Lone Star Brewery, saw nearly 30,000 attendees, resulting in a sold-out inaugural two-day weekend for Mala Luna. Headliners Travis Scott and Kaskade blew the minds of festival goers, who came dressed to impress with cool fashion and costumes in the spirit of Halloween and […]

todayNovember 23, 2016 601

College Radio Day

College Radio Thrives with Diversity

By Asia Daggs Assistant Web Content Manager Here at KTSW, we love to honor the diversity in our unity. We come from all over the map, raised within different backgrounds and cultures and we all have different interests and skills to bring to the table. Our radio station is home to multiple departments and we have the most creative, coolest people working in each one of them. With College Radio […]

todayNovember 4, 2016 13


Aji the Artist Talks Painting, Music and Modesty at Mala Luna Fest

By Kendra Sells Hip-hop Journalist Mala Luna captured the spirit of San Antonio including local food, merchandise vendors, DJs, rappers and visual artists. Humble painter Aji and I had a brief discussion about her artistic likes and her first live mural painting experience. Aji was invited to Mala Luna to produce a painting themed around Dia de los Muertos, the day of the dead. She says that this experience has […]

todayNovember 3, 2016 34


Don’t Tip Lil Yachty Over

By Kendra Sells Hip-hop Journalist Any rap festival is incomplete without a serving of beef, and thanks to Lil Yachty, Mala Luna got its fix this Saturday. The red dreaded rapper stopped early in his set to tell the audience about some issues he and 2007 star Soulja Boy have been dealing with (something stemming from lady problems, you can have the whole thing explained here.) Earlier that day, Soulja […]

todayOctober 30, 2016 1420


BROOKZILL!: Throwback to the Future Review

By Kendra Sells Hip-Hop Journalist Artist: BROOKZILL! Album: Throwback to the Future Website: Label:  Hip-Hop all-stars Prince Paul, Don Newkirk, Ladybug Mecca and Rodrigo Brandão eloquently meshed together Afro-Brazilian culture and American Hip-Hop to satisfy an itch I never knew needed to be scratched. The team makes up BROOKZILL!, a concept of togetherness, cool rhythm, sultry vocals and flavor, seasoned perfectly to taste. Throwback to the Future truly […]

todayOctober 27, 2016 30


Why Exclusive Music Streaming is Fair Game

By Kendra Sells Hip-Hop Journalist I recently finished my trial of Apple Music and in my three months of its service, the only exclusive release I got to experience was that of Frank Ocean's music video Endless. For once, I felt like an affluent music streamer, one who could race to post song meanings onto if I wanted to.  Ocean's release of Blonde contributed to the ongoing trend of subscription-exclusive releases […]

todayOctober 14, 2016 20


‘SoundCloud Go’ And The At-Risk Future Of Music Sharing

By Kendra Sells Hip‐Hop Journalist Originally published on April 11, 2016. We've always known SoundCloud to be an essential platform for underground artists and labels to share their music free of charge. With the installation of SoundCloud Pro, a paid monthly subscription for artists to post certain tracks on spotlight and track where their content is being played, the free platform began to separate those who pay from those who don't. Recently, […]

todayJune 22, 2016 302

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