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Bring Your Best Friend to College

todayApril 7, 2016 7

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By Helen Wang
Blog Content Contributor

College is an unforgettable ride that everyone experiences differently. Whether you’re getting to know your new roommates or signing a lease to start your journey rooming with friends, there’s no denying that your new home away from home will be different from what you’re used to back at mom and dads.

There will be tests you ace, tests you spent all night studying for and did less than average on. There will be new relationships formed and old relationships severed. There will be parties you regret going to the very next morning and parties you will remember forever. College is a roller coaster ride where you won’t be able to run to mom and dad every time you’re hungry, or sad or just need some guidance. Which is why I believe it’s important to bring your dog to college. Whether it’s your childhood pet, or a new buddy you decide to adopt to take on the journey with you, having a canine best friend you can turn to any time you’re happy, or sad, or studying can really make a difference in your mood.

Photo by Helen Wang.

Dogs are a man’s best friend and when are you more in need of a best friend than your first time living on your own? Having someone there who greets you with full on excitement anytime you walk through the doors gives you such a special feeling that nothing else can compare to. Adopting a new buddy to take care of will teach you responsibility, love and friendship. Even if they don’t understand you, dogs will always be there enjoying your company. Whether you’re sitting in the same spot studying for 10 hours or going for a jog through the park, as long as your fur friend is in your company, they will be more than content.

Taking care of your fur friend is a lot of responsibility and patience. College students are typically pretty busy from school, work, friends and any extra curricular activities so make sure you don’t forget to always set a decent amount of time aside to spend with your canine because they only have you. You are their world. After coming home from a bad day and all you want to do is be alone in your room, snuggling with your canine will not only help reduce stress but also improve your mood and let you know you are loved wholeheartedly.

If you decide to throw parties, make sure your dog is out of harms way and always remember how much more sensitive a dogs ear is to ours. If you’re going to be blasting Young Thug while throwing back shots, maybe keeping your dog behind closed doors in your room will be a better idea. If you know you will be out all night, make sure there’s plenty of food and water left for them and tell your roommates to check up on them with some love and attention if they can.

The decision to let your fur friend take on the journey with you throughout your college years is a lot of work and maintenance but the experience is worth it. Whether you’re getting to know your new roommates or starting your journey by rooming with friends, the best roommate you will ever have is your dog.

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