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Humans of San Marcos: Britton Richter

todayApril 7, 2016 28

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By Sarah Bey
Blog Content Contributor

Britton Richter at MamboFreeze. Photo by Sarah Bey.
Britton Richter at MamboFreeze. Photo by Sarah Bey.

Britton Richter is a Texas State senior majoring in English. Currently, she is employed at MamboFreeze at The Hitch in San Marcos. We discussed school, work and some of her favorite things to do.

Bey: How did you start working at the MamboFreeze food truck?

Richter: Well, my boss usually tries to recruit a bunch of people to work in the summer and so I saw on the Texas State jobs and internships page that she was hiring. So I applied and that was like a couple of years ago so I’ve just been working on and off here.

B: So what do you want to do with English?

R: I don’t know; I changed my major a bunch. So it kind of became a thing where I needed to pick something so I could graduate in four years. I went with English because I like English. I think it gives me good skills and right now I kind have been interning with a couple of non-profits. It’s not a lot of experience, but I like doing that so far. It seems to be something that I would like to pursue.

B: What’s your favorite thing to eat or drink (at MamboFreeze?)

R: I’m a big fan of the pomegranate watermelon snow cone if it’s really really hot; it’s really good. I also like blue bubblegum. The snow cones are the best and the smoothies are pretty good too. I just prefer snow cones.

B: Is business busier during the summer?

R: It’s very busy; we’ll have lines, you know, going down. People will place an order but it takes us some time. It gets pretty hectic especially on holidays like (the fourth of July) and Labor Day. It’s better because at least if it’s busy, it goes by quicker if you’re here all (day) as opposed to when it’s cold weather and no one wants a snow cone.

B: What do you do when there’s not much business?

R: Mostly just make sure the bottles are full and just keep it clean. We have to temper the ice to make sure it’s just kind of melted enough to be a good consistency for a snow cone. It’s just a lot of cleaning.

B: Aside from working, are you involved in anything?

R: If it’s hot outside, I really like to swim. I try to swim a good fair amount in the river and stuff. I don’t have any involvement in campus activities. I used to work at the University Star for a year or so actually. I wrote for them for like as an opinions columnist and was the lifestyle editor for a semester. Mostly, I just did a lot work and hang out and swim and watch a lot of movies.

B: So what’s your favorite movie?

R: I’m just going to say “Bridesmaids” because I watched it last night. But there’s a lot of good movies that have come out like that one movie “Ex Machina.” It’s about artificial intelligence, it’s like some sci-fi movie and it’s pretty good.

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