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By Sarah Bey
Blog Content Contributor

Rachel Mcallister is a Texas State sophomore majoring in international business. Mcallister said she is a military kid and now claims San Antonio, Texas as her home. We discussed Mcallister’s plans post-graduation to be a Baptist missionary and what she is most excited for while traveling abroad.rachel

Bey: What do you want to do with international business?

Mcallister: I’d like to go to seminary after I graduate and get a Master’s in world missions. I want to go work in Europe and do mission work. (Seminary) is basically just like graduate school except you’re studying theology. So it’s not strict living in the church, wearing robes and all of that. I can go wearing this. I can do it even though I’m a woman. It’s actually pretty interesting. I want to get my Master’s in divinity with a focus in world missions and just be a missions pastor or work.

B: So how’s your day going?

M: It’s going really well. I got done with my classes and now I’m waiting to go a French lunch and then a movie later. We have to get these outside credits for French class. I’m just in the beginning class but we have to do outside activities. There are a bunch of groups that people formed (who) you can do these things with. We (the group she is involved with) meet in the Den on Fridays at noon and we just go and play games. We play games in French so we have to speak French. They’re playing “Ratatouille” this afternoon for the movie. But every semester, the lady in charge she chooses a different theme. So, this semester we’re doing cartoons.

B: So are you learning French since you will possible move to Europe?

M: Yeah, I would really like to work in France. I haven’t been there but I’m going this summer. I’ll be going for almost two months to backpack for a little while and then, I will be studying abroad for my intermediate French levels.

B: Why did you decide to do mission work post graduation?

M: It wasn’t the plan at all to begin with. I was actually headed toward law school afterwards. One day, I was just sitting there and I heard God speaking to me and was just like, “You’re not going to be a lawyer.” So, I said ok; it’s confusing but I’ll go with it. I just kept a solid faith in God and knew He had a plan for me and that He knew what he was doing. Slowly over the semester He’s been revealing these things to me.

B: What are you most excited or scared about as far as travelling abroad for the first time?

M: I’m most excited about meeting people from other countries. In our group with the school that I’m going to, there are going to be people from all over the world. I think that’s going to be really amazing, getting to know people and their cultures. What I’m scared or nervous about is just not knowing how to get anywhere and do anything and getting lost, just the normal stuff. Of course I think with all of the terrorist attacks over there lately is definitely not lost in my mind. But, I feel really at peace about it because I know that’s where I want to go and work in the future. The goal of my job is not only to bring people to Christ but, it’s also to help them and just make them feel happy.

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