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It’s Never Too Early to Start Anti-Aging

todayApril 20, 2016 5

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By Helen Wang
Blog Content Contributor

Anti ageing
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By the time you start noticing even the slightest wrinkles start to form on your face, it’s already too late. If you want to protect and preserve your face to look as young as you possibly can you might want to start adding a few steps into your daily face routine you’ve let slip through the cracks because you think it’s too soon to be worrying about aging.

The biggest mistake you can make is not applying sunscreen on your face, hands and neck daily. It’s the most inexpensive and effective skin routine that many people seem to overlook. Sunscreen is not just for days out on the lake; make sunscreen a daily thing.

Unfortunately, any repetitive muscle movement causes wrinkles. Just because you don’t see any yet, doesn’t mean they aren’t underneath the surface getting ready to make their debut. The best advice for this is to make retinol a part of your skin routine. Retinol is basically just another word for vitamin A but it means so much more than that. Retinol has a cell-communicating ingredient that attaches to almost any skin cell and allows it to become a healthier and younger skin cell. Retinol also has been proven to increase collagen production and help the skin cells that have been damaged from the sun. Basically, retinol is your skin’s best friend. One reminder; only buy retinol treatment if it is packaged in an opaque container that isn’t easily exposed to air and light because vitamin A deteriorates when repeatedly exposed to air and light.

Eye creams are an essential. The skin around your eyes are extremely thin and delicate which is why crows feet or eye wrinkles are one of the first noticeable signs of aging. You might not think to invest in an eye cream in your 20s but believe me, your future self will not thank you for it. You don’t necessarily have to go for an anti-aging eye cream, it’s actually wise if you don’t use anti-wrinkle or aging products until you actually notice aging symptoms. For now, you just want to use products with ingredients that will help prevent and slow down the aging process. A good eye cream will be one that will help restore moisture to the eye area, massage in circular motion until the product is fully absorbed all around the eye area daily.

Find a good night cream your skin will thank you for and use it everyday after you wash your face. Some key ingredients to look for are vitamin c, peptides and sunscreen. Argan oil also does wonders for the skin. I like to put a few drops of argan oil in my face cream before mixing it and applying it to my face.

Always wash your face every night and every morning. Leaving makeup on over night is extremely bad for the face and prevents your skin to breathe and relax after a busy day. If you absolutely can’t wash your face, always have makeup wipes handy to at least wipe off all that gunk from your face before getting a good nights rest.

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