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10 Things You’ll Come to Experience in College

todayApril 22, 2016 2

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By Helen Wang
Blog Content Contributor

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1. You’ll come to fully appreciate the value of a home cooked meal.

Eating Taco Bell and ice cream everyday wasn’t as amazing as you thought it would be. In fact, a nice home cooked meal prepared for you without you lifting a finger is one of the main things you look forward to when going back home. You’ll realize how annoyingly complicated it is to do your own grocery shopping, planning future meals ahead of time to know exactly what you need, remembering to get all the ingredients and last but not least, cook it yourself! Did our parents really do this as a “daily” thing and how did they decide on what to cook every time? Oh, how much we miss the days when dinner is just announced ready and all we had to do was set the table.

2. You’ll come to hate the sound of birds chirping early in the morning.

College means pulling all-nighters at least a few times over the years and all-nighters mean you’re on a press for time. You’ll be doing good and in your zone when suddenly 4 a.m. rolls by and the birds start chirping nonstop outside your window and you can’t stand it because it’s actually the ticking of your internal clock masked by the sweet sounds of a bird’s morning routine. You’re running out of time.

3. You’ll come to realize the importance of staying healthy.

Although eating whatever you want whenever you want can be pretty fun, it’s also crazy how easy it is to slip into that routine. One day you look at yourself in the mirror and realize wow, the freshman 15 is no joke. Summer comes around and why is it that there are so many fit people in their bikinis? Wasn’t everyone supposed to gain the freshman 15? Did they not get the memo? You’ll soon realize it’s time to buckle down and start eating a normal healthy diet, one that doesn’t include late night fast food right before bed.

4. You’ll find out you have a lot less self control than you thought you did.

You thought you will be completely fine taking an 8 a.m., you might even have thought you will be good taking a 9 a.m., but you will eventually realize it’s even a struggle to wake up for an 11 a.m. Especially if you’re out binge drinking on Dollar Dos night like you magically won’t get a hangover tomorrow morning for class. You will tell yourself you don’t want to order pizza for dinner again for the third night in a row, but when it’s just you catching up on your favorite shows, what better way to compliment the deal than a nice big slice of hot cheesy pizza. If no one sees you eat it, the carbs don’t count, right?. Netflix won’t judge you.

5. You’ll come to finally understand why adults need coffee to function.

Coffee is the secret to adulting. It’s a rite of passage when you have finally gotten to the point where if you don’t have your daily cup of morning coffee, you feel like something is off. Like your ability to adult. Since when did you start getting tired so easily? Since when did you try to squeeze a nap in any chance you get? Could it be because you’ve been going out for Dollar Dos and waking up for your morning class? Or late night Netflix binges while munching down on junk food? Or maybe from the all-nighters you’ve been pulling during exam weeks? Nah, it’s probably just your new found coffee addiction.

6. You’ll come to be amazed at what your body can put up with.

You’re in your twenties; this is your prime. When else will you be able to study all night, take your exam the next day and still manage to go out the following night and have an awesome time? Of course in the back of our heads, we know our future self down the line will hate us for this but who cares? We’re in our twenties. We are fearless and we live in the moment. If we can survive finals week, we can survive just about anything.

7. You’ll come to know any boring activity becomes fun if you just add alcohol.

Painting With A Twist anyone?

8. You’ll come to be surprised at just how many tedious little things you now have to buy on your own.

How annoying is it that you now have to actually go buy the things you never even thought twice about before you moved out because you just always knew it was available? Batteries? Light bulbs? Trash bags? What new common household item will you discover you need to buy today? Apparently, toilet paper rolls don’t just pop into your bathroom cabinet on their own. Who knew? Growing up is the realization that if you don’t feel like replacing the toilet paper roll after you finished it, you will be sitting for a long, long time during your next visit.

9. You’ll come to master the art of keeping up with yesterday.

Isn’t there something you should be doing right now instead of reading this list? Don’t you have an essay due soon? Don’t you have an upcoming exam you need to study for? Oh, it’s not for another three days? Well that’s plenty of time to goof off until the last minute to fill yourself up with regret!

Why do we procrastinate? It’s not like we become smarter the longer we put off doing something. Do we just enjoy having a little voice in the back of our heads nagging at us about all the things we need to do just so we can not listen to it?

10. You’ll come to appreciate just how many wonderful people you’ve met along the way to learn and experience all of the things listed above with you.

Maybe you got lucky with your college roommates and don’t know how you went through life without them before. Maybe your partner in crime sat next to you all semester long during freshman year in political science only to realize y’all are immediate best friends when the semester ended. Maybe she’s the one that gave you her only hair tie when she saw you not being able to handle your alcohol (that’s a huge deal in girl world.) Or maybe you met your soulmate on Halloween when he showed up to the party dressed as Danny and even though you were THIS close to being Sandy for the third Halloween in a row, you decided to switch things up this year and be funny. So you came dressed as a giant whoopee cushion.

It doesn’t matter where, when or how you meet all the wonderful people you do in college. Whether you made life long friends you will cherish forever or you met the one you see forever with, everyone’s college journey is different but these are the few things we share and have experienced along the way.


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