In the Public Interest Celebrates Arab American Heritage Month

By Jacquelyn Carter
In the Public Interest Host

Arab American
Photo by Sarah Bey.


April is Arab American Heritage Month. Arab Americans are immigrants or descendants of from the Arab world. This includes people who are Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Palestinian, Iraqis, Jordanians and Yemenis.

Join your hosts Jacquelyn Carter and DaLyah Jones to celebrate people of Middle Eastern descent who have migrated to America and their contributions to the nation. This episode features stories from reporters Sarah Bey, Carlos Marquez III and Kat Huerta.

After 9/11, discrimination increased against those who were Middle Eastern or perceived to be so. Sarah Bey covered the stigmas associated with being Muslim in America.

Carlos Marques did a story on Muslim wear in the Arab American culture.

Kat Huerta discussed the generational changes within the Arab American culture.

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