MR Fest Artist Profile: Night Beats

By Brittany Robinson
Assistant Music Director

Night Beats'
Photo courtesy of Night Beats.

If I am sure of one thing, it’s that Night Beats performance at the Marc will be amazing – fantastic even. This Seattle trio, consisting of two Texas natives, musically packs a punch with psychedelic, garage and soul influences.

Their third studio album, Who Sold My Generation, released earlier this year to solid reviews and they are now on tour promoting it. It really raised the bar since their last record, Sonic Bloom, and has proved to be one of the best guitar records to come out this year.

Night Beats have proved to be great live performers and songs like “Egypt Berry” are going to blow us away when we hear it in its full effect on April 30. MR Fest is all about good times and good music and Night Beats will definitely bring the chill vibes and the dope music that will make this year’s festival an awesome one.

Come check out Night Beats and other artist on April 30 at MR Fest 16.

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