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What Made Yung Gravy, so Gravy?

By Destany Sanchez Music Journalist have probably heard the name Yung Gravy sometime in your life. Either from his newest single, “Betty”, the controversy surrounding him now with Addison Rae’s mom or the fact that he’s notorious for moms as fans. He is someone that deserves to have a biography written about him and why he’s just so dang beautiful. Matthew Raymond Hauri, also known as Yung Gravy, is a […]

todayOctober 13, 2022 294 5

The background of the album cover is a burnt orange. The bottom left of the cover reads “the Mary Veils, Esoteric Hex” in various grey/nay block letters. There is a graph with vertical lines and multiple bell curve waves filled with red and blue colors. In front of the graph is a yellow human head. Many red, teal, and light green square planes run through the head at different angles. Silhouettes of a group of people sit in the bottom right corner of the cover. In the middle right side of the cover is a red eye with shading around it for the eyelid and a green color underneath it.


Band of the Week: The Mary Veils

By Clara Blankenship Music Journalist I am constantly on the hunt for new artists and albums to fit my current situations and emotions. As finals are approaching, a sense of being overwhelmed has dominated my days. To my dismay, I was having trouble finding music that matched my stress. I was listening to KTSW while driving, as I usually do, and I heard a song that perfectly emulated my frustration […]

todayApril 29, 2022 101 2

Two company logos "Bandcamp" and "Epic Games"


The Fortnite Company Bought Bandcamp; Should Indie Artists Be Concerned?

By Jared Dudley Music Journalist On Wednesday, March 2nd, video game and music fans alike joined together in a collective double-take at the news of video game behemoth Epic Games’ purchase of indie music storefront, Bandcamp. Bandcamp, beloved for its equitable share of profits given to music artists and labels, prided itself on being a small, independent storefront for small, independent musicians. Since its founding in 2008, this image of […]

todayMarch 11, 2022 40

A photo of, from left to right, Stephen Douglas playing bass, Aiden Potter playing guitar, Kevin Schultz playing drums, Leonora Tomlinson playing keyboard and singing, and Dallas Anderson playing guitar.


Artist Interview: Window Shop

By Hannah Walls Music Journalist This weekend, I had the opportunity to sit down with the local band, Window Shop, a five member group made up of members Leonora Tomlinson, Stephen Douglas, Kevin Schultz, Dallas Anderson, and Aiden Potter. They began performing as a group in August of 2020. Despite forming during the earlier part of the pandemic, the group felt that this actually gave them more time to develop […]

todayFebruary 27, 2022 1881 1

Jesse Rodriguez is posing with peace sign on balcony overlooking the Texas State campus.


Interviewing Music Journalist, Producer and Artist Jesse Rodriguez

By Christopher BrockerMusic Journalist  Jesse Rodriguez and I met through KTSW as he joined the Hip-hop group. Rodriguez joined the station as a DJ and music journalist but sought out the challenge of covering Hip-hop. I had the privilege of working with Rodriguez and quickly saw his potential.  Photo of Jesse Rodriguez on Texas State University Campus. Later in the semester, I discovered that Rodriguez was a producer and he […]

todayMay 11, 2021 163 1

Akala is standing on stage in front of a brick wall, holding a microphone.


Akala: A Name You Should Know

By Anna KeyserMusic Journalist  Many of the world’s most famous poets and politically driven activists from the left to the right have heard this name before, but for others, his name may not be common. Akala, Kingslee Daley, is a critically renowned British rapper, writer/poet, activist, journalist and plenty more. He’s a big deal in a lot of social conversations. For starters, I first heard of him in a British […]

todayApril 13, 2021 43

Silk Sonic cover photo for “Leave the Door Open” debut single. Pictured is Bruno Mars left and Anderson Paak right.


The Beginning of Silk Sonic

By Paris FosterMusic Journalist During the 63rd annual Grammy award ceremonies, the world was given a sample of the new R&B super-mega-ultra group that is, Silk Sonic. Fronted by maestros Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak, Silk Sonic arose through the duo's growing friendship during Mars’ 24k Magic Tour back in 2017. Paak opened for the tour, and the couple quickly sported chemistry due to their similar tastes in music and […]

todayMarch 25, 2021 161

Edited splatters with white letters


Art Doesn’t Have Meaning

By Emily GarzaWeb Content Contributor We all have seen art. We all have tried to get the meaning of a piece of art. Even when it doesn’t always make sense, someone somehow finds the meaning of a piece of art. Is there a meaning in this piece of art? Acrylic pour painting I did last summer with the colors red, pink, black, blue and gold after watching Jenna Marbles do […]

todayFebruary 13, 2020 69

Black background with the constellations drawn within two circles.


A Chat with Fernando Monroy

By Caden ZieglerWeb Content Contributor Fernando Monroy is an artist from Mexico that I have been following on Twitter (@freakmonroe) for years, and every time he posts new photos of his art I am simply blown away. His talents cease to amaze me; they are so varied and unique. Monroy's most popular art usually involves celebrities, specifically musical artists. He has entire series dedicated to one artist, such as the […]

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