MR Fest Artist Profile: White Dog

By Brandon Deleon
Music Journalist

Photo courtesy of White Dog.

White Dog is a band from Austin, Texas formed in May 2015. The band consists of Joe Sterling on vocals, brothers, Carl and John Amoss on guitar and drums, respectively, Clay De Hoyos on guitar and Rex Pape on bass guitar and backing vocals.

Though they’re a relatively new band, their mythology says that they were cryogenically frozen in 1971 and just now released. So whatever you want to believe is up to you. Let’s just say you have to see White Dog to believe it.

Some of their influences include Captain Beyond, Wishbone Ash and The Allman Brothers. The Allman inspiration is evident in the harmonized twin guitar solos White Dog uses in their songs. They’re also inspired by the krautrock genre and heavy psychedelic rock music. So far, they’ve recorded two songs called “Witch Queen” and “Verus Cultus,” which can both be heard on their Bandcamp.

Some of their future goals are performing more gigs throughout Texas and writing more original material for a physical release. They also cover Black Diamond by KISS and it’s perfect, so you can look forward to that.

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