MR Fest Artist Profile: Dylan Fox and the Wave

By Melissa Johnston
Music Journalist

Dylan Fox and The Wave.png
Photo courtesy of Dylan Fox and The Wave

Dylan Fox And The Wave is a garage rock duo of brothers who appropriately got their start in basements and garages in the faraway land of Oakland, California.

Their lo-fi sound is akin to a morphed version of Ty Segall and The Ramones with a dash of surf rock and a twist of Dylan’s high, loose vocals that round off their unique presence in the world of rock. Since Dylan and Sean are the only permanent members of the band, they decided to go with a name that could represent any number of people that fill in bass and guitar parts at live shows, hence the second part of the name, “The Wave”, which permanently includes Sean and various other people, depending on the show.

In 2015, they released their first full-length album, Chasing Shadows, which can be found along with their previous EPs on their Bandcamp.

They are known for their shows around the San Francisco area of California but will soon be kicking it back San Marcos style. They will be playing on April 30 at Stonewall Warehouse beginning at 7 p.m. for the 9th annual MR Fest.

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