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A floral background with the words "caveman smash" in pink lettering


Caveman: Smash Album Review

By Shack Khoza Music Journalist "Sparkling Electronic Pop Music" is the perfect way to describe the album Smash by Caveman. This album is created for those who love to lay down in their bedroom and mindlessly withdraw from reality into their own fantasy world. One where they are not burdened by life on earth Caveman is a male trio that originated from Brooklyn, New York led by Matthew Iwanusa with […]

todayOctober 13, 2021 10

The album cover is a pencil sketch of the main character of the album, Dood, standing next to his mule named Shamrock and his dog, Sam.


Sturgill Simpson: The Ballad of Dood and Juanita Album Review

By Olivo Castillo Music Journalist For the longest time when someone asked me “what kind of music do you listen to?” my go-to answer was “pretty much anything but country.” That changed once I discovered Sturgill Simpson. The Ballad of Dood and Juanita is the latest release from the modern-day country outlaw, released via the High Top Mountain label on Aug. 20, 2021. The most exciting part about a new […]

todayOctober 2, 2021 41 1

Red blotches on a plain background make the shape of a woman’s face down to her shoulders.


Donda’s Release was a Bizzare Journey

By Jared Dudley Music Journalist Kanye West is a person who knows how to get attention. Of course, this has been evident for over a decade. From interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at MTV’s Video Music Awards in 2009, to making a meteoric impact on the fashion industry, few artists have grab headlines like West. Even among his peers of bombastic rappers, West has always stood out. Rising stars and […]

todaySeptember 14, 2021 19

This is the album cover for Glitterer’s Life is Not A Lesson Album. The cover is green with a red, yellow, and orange flower.


Glitterer and Life Is Not A Lesson

By Lesly Milan Music Journalist Formerly known as Title Fight’s co-frontman before the band decided to go on a hiatus, Ned Russin has begun his solo project under the alias, Glitterer. Glitterer began releasing music in 2017, starting with his self-titled album. He expanded his discography a year later with his next EP, Not Glitterer. In 2019, Glitterer released his sophomore album, Looking Through The Shades. Looking Through The Shades included songs like “The […]

todayJuly 12, 2021 6

Cleopatrick band members, at the age of 8 in their elementary classroom. Their eyes are blacked out.


Cleopatrick: Bummer Album Review

By Christian Villarreal Music Journalist Rock music has gone through many changes and has adopted several subgenres since its creation, but rock music itself has been relatively unchanged. Cleopatrick has set their minds to breaking the mold surrounding rock music and is renovating the rock genre altogether with their debut album Bummer. Fuzzy guitar riffs and catchy beats are the least that the Canadian Rock-duo Cleopatrick can do. The band released […]

todayJuly 9, 2021 23

The album cover is of a desert scene


Post Animal: When I Think Of You In A Castle Album Review

By Maddy LehrMusic Journalist Psychedelic rock comes in so many different forms, and that is something I really love about the genre. The six-piece Chicago-based band, Post Animal, is a perfect representation of this. They have released quite a bit of heavy psychedelic rock tunes, but expect some prog rock and even power pop as well.  Post Animal’s debut album, When I Think Of You In A Castle, shows off their […]

todayMay 13, 2021 10

Stones throw artist Kiefer Shackelford holding a synthesizer


Kiefer: Between Days Album Review

By Jesse RodriguezMusic Journalist Kiefer Shackelford is a jazz and soul pianist that emerged on the scene in 2017 with his independent release Kickinit Alone. Kiefer was signed to Stones Throw in 2018, which is a perfect label to house his abilities considering that it is filled with genre-bending instrumentalists. Discovering Kiefer in the midst of a global pandemic has provided a huge breath of fresh air and comfort. Kiefers […]

todayMay 8, 2021 34

Men rapping inside a studio with headphones in the men’s mouth


KRS-One: Return of the Boom Bap Album Review

By Yarely OrtizMusic Journalist Hip-hop is more than music; it is a cultural movement that influences and incorporates different varieties of art. Hip-hop has grown and evolved into a prominent music genre through the decades across the globe. One could argue it is for the best or worst, yet it is hard to deny hip-pop continues to be a phenomenon all over. Hip-hop emerged from the Bronx in New York […]

todayApril 30, 2021 8

White flower with a compass in the middle marginalized in a gold square in a navy blue background


How To Produce an Incomplete Album

By Shack KhozaMusic Journalist Tasteless indie soft rock is what I would describe this insignificant album called, Coming Into Beauty by the quartet group, The Mommyheads. This skippable 15-track album is a huge example of how to produce an album that has incoherent lyrics, unmemorable melodies, and horrible chord progressions, not to mention, some instruments are out of tune. This album (“mixtape” more like) is created for those who find […]

todayApril 30, 2021 25 9

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