Eight Reasons Why You Should Go to MR Fest Right Now

By Ezlyh Gutierrez
MR Fest Press Team

MR Fest's Otis is hanging out at the Courthouse Lawn. Photo by Jasmine Kardani.
MR Fest’s Otis is hanging out at the Courthouse Lawn. Photo by Jasmine Kardani.

MR Fest kicked off at Stonewall Warehouse in San Marcos last night. The ninth annual music festival continues today with almost 50 bands at seven different venues. Here are eight reasons why you should go to MR Fest, like, right now.

1. A Chance to Win Float Fest Tickets.

If you pick up our flyer, complete our scavenger hunt and turn it in by 9:30 tonight, you’ll be entered in a chance to win Float Fest tickets! The line up for 2016 consists of Chromeo, Rick Ross, Future Islands and so many more. It’s the raddest, loudest, floatest fest in Texas! Who wouldn’t wanna go?

2. Donate to A Great Local Cause.

Be a kind, loving heart and come to MR Fest to donate to United Way of Hays County and help fund repairs for flood damage through out San Marcos. So many are affected every year and they need your rockin’ self to lend a helping hand.

3, Free Swag, Free CDs, Free Stuff.

There are free CDs and swag on the courthouse lawn and inside venues (with suggested donations, of course.) Seriously, we have boxes of CDs just waiting to be picked by YOU. Whether your trying to find some new artists to jam to or just trying to add to your CD collection, we’ve got you covered!

5. Live Music, Duh.

Sidechick performs at KIVA during MR Fest. Photo by Laura Carr.
Sidechick performs at KIVA during MR Fest. Photo by Laura Carr.

Not only do you get to lavish in free swag, CDs and Float Fest tickets, but you’ll also have the chance to listen to all kinds of live music! Dance your little butt off to Indie pop at Stonewall or head bang with us out at Kiva. Whatever your music taste, you can bet we’ll have a venue to suit it.

6. Don’t Really Care For Music? There’s Comedy at Vodka Street.

Laugh your worries away at Vodka Street with comedians such as Vanilla Presley, Megan Simons, and Patrick Sirois! Listen to some jokes, follow along with some stories, or just take a break from the music for a while and heal with the best natural medicine, laughter!

7. La Luz and Night Beats

Because our two headliners at The Marc are just the best.

8. Girls Night? Boys Night? It’s a Friends Night!

There’s really no better place to be on this Saturday night! Live Music, free stuff, laughter, dancing and Float Fest?! Get you and your friends out here and have a night to remember!

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