Lemon Demon: Spirit Phone Review

By Wes Clary
Music Journalist

Lemon Demon - Spirit PhoneArtist: Lemon Demon
Album: Spirit Phone
Label: Self-released
Release Date: February 29, 2016
Website: http://www.lemondemon.com/

Mad scientist Neil Cicierega has released his ninth record under his synth-pop alias Lemon Demon titled Spirit Phone. Cicierega is a 29-year-old Massachusetts native that is not only known as a musician but as an internet artist, comedian and filmmaker. Spirit Phone is full of catchy tracks that are soaked in synthesizers. Cicierega writes and performs all instruments including vocals.

The album breaks the one-hour mark with its 14 tracks and is full of strange quirky stories. The track “Cabinet Man” is about a man that is sucked into a pinball machine and literally becomes part man part machine. “When He Died” has a very dark and strange tale of a man whose dark secret is uncovered after passing. Much like many cuts off this album, the dark lyrics and tales are told over very upbeat synthpop music. You’ll find yourself bobbing in your seat and singing the lyrics, “I’m digging up your coffin and pouring out the contents, your sexy sweet solution is prime for distribution.” Cicieraga’s vocals come off as very nerdy with a voice that sounds as if it came from a high school science fair first place winner. The way this record sounds though, you can’t imagine anybody else doing a better job singing.

There isn’t any kind of concept story-wise to the record though it does flow very cohesively. Each song stands alone when it comes to its lyrics but all share the same bright laser-like synths. If you are into any kind of synthpop and electropop, then Lemon Demon will satisfy your needs.

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