San Maximum: Hiking

By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor 

San Max hiking 3
Photo by Austin Cowan

In order to achieve the maximum San Marcos experience, hiking is definitely an activity one must partake in. Hiking is an activity I love to do either with my friends or by myself. While with other people exploring new trails and territory is never a disappointment. However, when I am alone I find myself visiting my sacred spots which are tucked deep inside the wood. Hiking is not just an easy way to spend an afternoon, it allows one’s soul to heal. Am I right my fellow nature lovers? When it comes to outdoor recreation, San Marcos, TX never disappoints.


San Max Hiking 2
Photo by Austin Cowan

The top two hiking destinations in San Marcos (in my opinion) are Purgatory Creek Park and Five Mile Dam.

The main entrance to Purgatory Creek is located inside San Marcos, TX at the intersection of Wonder World Drive and Hunter Road. Purgatory Creek is 570-acres of hiking trails. It is common to find people bring their families, pets or significant others here.

Five Mile Dam is not as conveniently close to downtown San Marcos, however, it is only a fifteen minute drive away. Five Mile Dam is located along the Blanco River. Upriver from the dam is a very popular swimming spot. Five Mile Dam is a great place to enjoy a river casually without being annoyed by the crowds of people along the San Marcos River.


Hiking is a cheap activity which only requires a trail and an adventurous heart. However, here are some suggestions which will improve one’s hiking experience.

  • Water Bottle (Nalgene and Camelbacks are recommended)
  • Snacks
  • Hammocks (Eno or Kammock Hammocks are recommended)
  • Backpack
  • Small safety kit
  • Pocket knife
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Coat (If it is cold)
  • Umbrella/Rain Jacket/Camera

So, when are you hiking the trails?

One thought on “San Maximum: Hiking

  1. You forgot:
    -battery pack
    -extra battery pack
    -extra extra battery pack

    After a while at the park, Pokemon GO will eat through your battery like a Charizard through a field full of Oddish.

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