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By Asia Daggs
Assistant Web Content Manager

Okay everyone, it is that time again. SCHOOL IS HERE. Do you ever feel yourself slipping into a mini-depression when summer comes to a close? I am guilty of this myself. I have to constantly remind myself that the faster school starts, the faster I will be done, and that’s how I am able to push through with a pep in my step. Hopefully, you guys are as excited as I am for fall semester. Whether you are an incoming freshman or returning senior, school jitters are real. A university with a little over 38,000 students on campus can be a bit intimidating, so it is very common for you to feel nervous or really anxious about the beginning of school. In this blog, I would like to help out by covering the little things that are forgotten or overlooked during the frenzy of getting prepared for a new semester.

School Supplies

Photo by Asia Daggs.
Get all of the school supplies you need in order to stay organized and focus during the semester. Photo by Asia Daggs.

This may be a little silly, but it actually does happen. My freshman year, after I was already settled in and my family had already left, I realized that I had forgotten school supplies. I was so busy worrying about the decor for my dorm and buying the cutest shirts out of the University Bookstore that I had forgot the most important items. Don’t be me. On the other hand, I would recommend waiting until the first day of classes to order the required textbooks. Sometimes the professors will tell you that one of the books is not needed, so you will be able to save some bucks.

My Tip: Buy one 1 0.5 inch binder and a pack of dividers with pockets to serve as folders. This tactic saves so much room and it is super convenient to carry around instead of holding multiple binders for each of your classes.


One thing my family has been stressing to me since I moved away has been my safety. Multiple studies have shown that 1 in 5 college women will be sexually assaulted and other statistics such as 21% of female undergrads have experienced sexual assault since beginning college. 1 in 16 males will be sexually assaulted and over 90% of all cases will go unreported to authorities. It is too scary to fathom anything happening to you while at school, but you can never be too safe. Try not to be outside too late by yourself and always let someone know where you’ll be.

My Tip: I would recommend getting pepper spray, a taser or what my mom prefers, a pocket knife. Maybe even consider enrolling in self defense classes. The classes can be a great and efficient way to learn how to be aware of your surroundings and defensive moves that could save your life. Be sure to take you and your friends’ safety seriously.

Winter clothing

Photo by Asia Daggs.
Don’t leave your winter clothes at home until it’s too late. Photo by Asia Daggs.

This bit is geared toward more of my fellow southern Texans. Our cold is not the same as the northern cold. If you are moving to San Marcos for the first time, make sure you bring heavy jackets and a pair of warm shoes or boots. My hometown has an average of 67 degrees in the winter while San Marcos can drop below 40 degrees during the week. I learned my lesson my first year when I was struggling to make it across campus, so take my advice and come prepared.

My Tip: Girls, I would suggest some snow boots or riding boots to keep your feet and legs toasty while maintaining a decent, cute outfit. For the guys, I would recommend the heavy duty boots. I have seen some guys on campus wearing their Timbaland or Polo boots to stay warm.

Prepare for new surroundings

This section is mainly to remind you to get familiar with San Marcos as a whole. We have tons of local hair salons, nail shops and other important establishments, but they are not the ones you are probably used to. Guys, I am sure you all have a certain barber who cuts your hair at home each and every time, so I know you may be nervous about trusting someone else with your hair. Us girls can relate as well; We do not want just anyone doing our hair and nails.

My tip: To help solve this, I suggest Google searching certain services around the area and start sorting through the different businesses to condense your list of choices. Pay attention to the reviews and maybe even the distances in order to see which are the closest to where you’ll be staying.

On top of the lists that Texas State offer, take these aspects into consideration so you will be prepared in every little way. Hopefully, these tidbits were helpful in getting all set for this new school year. Get your sleep schedule together, get some comfy walking shoes and remember to bring your positive attitude to keep the year on a great note.

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