A Trip to Jacob’s Well

By Kimberly Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

When I thought about the trips I wanted to take, and how many of them faded with the sun, I began looking for ways to enjoy the few moments I had left before summer officially ended. Since a trip to Big Bend National Park was a little outside of reality, I searched for secret spots around San Marcos and found Jacob’s Well in Wimberley, Texas. After seeing the pictures of the park, I knew this was where I wanted to go. Even though the swimming season was over, I thought the scenery around the park would be worth it.

The town is full of cute set-ups just like this one! Photo by Kimerly Garcia.

After arriving, after only a 30 minute drive, I was immediately enamored with the grounds around me. It felt like I had walked into a slice of history, as if time was being sucked into the well. The natural setting was a relaxing oasis. After spending some time taking in my surroundings at Jacob’s Well, I decided to see Wimberley, Texas.  

The route to Jacob’s Well was a treat on its own. I got to stroll through the cutest town I have ever visited. In addition to Jacob’s Well, Wimberley is home to a variety of vintage shops and restaurants. Walking through Wimberley Square, there are many stores that sell everything from yard decorations to novelty items to unique apparel. Wimberley is a photographer’s dream. With art on every corner, there is no shortage of photogenic spots around town.

In Wimberley, all my problems disappeared. I let the town swallow me up and show me its beauty. So if you feel like you’re already missing the freedom of summer, taking a trip to Wimberley will make you feel as though it never ended.

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