Cherry Glazerr’s Video for New Track Screams Girl Power

By Ashley Galvan
Music Journalist

Since one of L.A.s youngest trios, Cherry Glazerr, dropped their first album, Haxel Princess, in 2014, they are now recognized by many different labels, including Secretly Canadian. The American independent record label has officially signed the female-fronted band with open arms.

Not only did Cherry Glazerr immediately drop a new track, “Told You I’d Be With The Guys,” after signing with Secretly Canadian, they also released a revelatory music video that depicts the new style and material they will be coming out with. Compared to their older DIY videos, their new music video with Secretly Canadian shows they are heading down the road of opportunity and quality production. The music video truly adds a visual impact to lead singer Clementine Creevy’s recent press statement about wanting to attain solidarity with women against the sexism inculcated in our society. Creevy embraces her feminist qualities in their video by exposing her full-grown armpit hair and even a casual nip slip, while throwing herself on a couch as she sings the chorus. There is no stopping her feminist activism and determination to confront women oppression.

From beginning to end, the entire track is edgy, captivating and catchy. Between the detonating percussion and twinkling guitar riffs, the new track builds its menacing energy while Creevy wails about being a “lone wolf” crying out,”Where are my ladies?” The most favorable part of the song, without a doubt, would be the last minute bridge that spikes the tempo, pitch and energy. When the song ends, there is no doubt you will have to hit the repeat button a couple times and continue jamming out to this teaser track.

Now that Cherry Glazerr is back in action, signed with a killer record label and leaking new material, it looks like there is more fiery spunk to be released soon.

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