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By Janessa Rutiaga
Blog Content Contributor

Everyone who attends Texas State know that the most important thing to bring to campus is comfortable shoes and a water bottle. Those are the two essentials every Bobcat needs to get through the day. However, I feel like the essentials to a comfortable and productive day at school require other items as well. These are some things that I almost never take out of my backpack and have become a must-need item in order to get through my school day.

An umbrella is so essential. I would be a little disappointed if people weren’t already carrying one around. Texas weather gets to be unbelievably insane, and the rain can come down in an instant showing no mercy to students going about their day. My umbrella has saved me so many times, and I feel like it can change the aspect of a good or bad day. No one wants to walk into a class soaking wet with squeaky shoes.

Spare cash is another one. College life can become hectic in an instant, and you’ll never know when you’ll suddenly find yourself pressed for time. Caring spare cash will give you the opportunity to buy food in the quad, if need be. I started doing this the spring semester of my freshman year due to always being hungry walking to classes, but not having enough time to go to the LBJ or the Den. As the semester continues you’ll find yourself being busier and busier, so make sure to feed yourself!

These three items are essential to any college student. Photo by Janessa Rutiaga.
These three items are essential to any college student. Photo by Janessa Rutiaga.

Your phone charger should be a go to item as well. I honestly have no clue how I could get through my day without it. Even as a sophomore, I find myself pulling up the Texas state app constantly to make sure I’m going the right way, and what room my class is in. Plus, my professors are always asking us to look up things online, or use certain apps for their class. I, as well as other students, use my cell phone as a calendar/planner. Not even taking into account listening to music throughout the day, all of these things will take a serious toll on your battery. I’ve seen classmates go into a real panic mode due to their battery dying, so make sure this isn’t you!

Your personal planner because every students needs it on hand. It was the first advice I got during my freshman year, and having it with me has saved my life many times. In the beginning of the semester you should write out when all your assignments are due and when you have exams. During class, when a professor makes a reference to the next test do yourself a favor and check your planner. You’ll be surprised how fast exams and due dates will sneak up on you. Having your planner on hand will assure that you’re always aware and organized for the class workload.

Last but not least, your student ID. Make sure this is always in your backpack or on hand when you’re on campus. It’s your ticket to meal plans, attendance, and (on exam days) your student ID number. Also, you might want to carry this around everywhere. Places all over San Marcos will give students a discount on food and merchandise if they present their ID card at the register.

These are only a few of my essential items, but I feel like these become the most important throughout the day. I’ve also come to carry these items around with me all the time because they always come in handy. Next time you’re walking out of your place double check to make sure you have these items, they might just save the day.

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