Review of Lush’s Five Most Popular Bath Bombs

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By Alisa Pierce
Blog Content Contributor

I am absolutely a Lush fanatic, so trying out these bath bombs was a ton of fun; but be warned, they’re not always what they’re cracked up to be. If you’re interested in what all the hype is about, or just wondering what I think about these insanely popular bath products, here’s my review of five of Lush’s most popular bath bombs:


Five colorful bath bombs sit on a Lush bag.Photo by Alisa Pierce.

Pink was one of the first bath bombs I purchased, and it ended up being one of the best. I was a little iffy to try it out at first , but it proved to me just how cool bath bombs can be. Not only did the bomb make the water a soothing pink, it also released tiny dissolvable paper hearts as I bathed. It was super cute, and I felt like a princess after soaking in a rosy bath.


I was really surprised about the way Twilight turned out. Despite it being one of the most popular bombs with amazing reviews, it really didn’t do much for me. It barely released any color when it hit the water, despite the fact that I was told it would be one of the most colorful bombs. It was supposed to release an array of pinks, purples, and blues, but only did so for about half a minute before dissolving into nothingness. I had to add bubbles to make the color stand out at all, and that was only because it was in contrast to the white soap. It was a total bummer.

Honey Bee

Bumble Bee was a disappointment from start to finish. The bomb made my bath water the color of green tea at times to the color of pee at others, and the sparkles that it released were barely visible. The only good thing about the bomb was the smell. Upon exiting my lackluster bath, I smelled great. This almost made up for the poor visual effects however, I did not smell at all like honey. The smell could be compared to a flowery perfume, but it definitely was not the honey smell that was advertised. Lush either needs to fix the advertising for this product, or make a different bomb.


Photo by Alisa Pierce. The Intergalactic bath bomb did not disappoint as it turned the bath water into a multitude of colors.

This was by far my favorite bomb, and I will definitely be purchasing it again. Intergalactic released light blue and pink colors that deepened as the bomb dissolved, and left the bath water a royal blue that was full of shimmering glitter. Although it was fun to watch the colors seep into the water, the best part was the state of the water after the bomb had dissolved. The royal blue water shimmered as every sparkle inside of it hit light, and it truly reminded me of the galaxy. I ended up focusing more on the sparkly blue water than relaxing, but this was fine by me. Every Lush enthusiast should try this bomb.

The Experimenter

I was told that the Experimenter would turn my bath water every color of the rainbow, so I was let down whenever the water turned a greenish gray. There was a mixture of bright colors as the bomb fizzed into nonexistence, but the leftover coloration wasn’t very pretty. If I looked at the water from different angles I could see different hues of purple, pink, and blue shining in the light, but unfortunately those colors were dulled down by the more dominant gray. However, the bomb released thousands of sparkles and this was almost enough to make up for the lackluster coloring. This unimpressive experience would have made me wary to buy any more Lush bombs if it were not for the fact that I had this particular bomb for a few months before using it. I hope that this is why the coloring wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.

Overall, I really enjoyed the bath bombs. The  quality definitely varies from bomb to bomb but for the most part Lush does a great job of creating beautiful bath products. Even if you’re not a big fan of bath bombs, Lush has many other great items such as shampoo and soap for you to try. I recommend Lush to anyone looking for unique and fun bath and body products.

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