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Seven Things to Do on a Saturday Night for Under $5

todaySeptember 24, 2016 13

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By Jourdan Bazley
Blog Content Contributor

The weekend just rolled around and that means that it is time to let loose. As you call up your clique, you encourage all of them to get ready for a weekend of fun, but right before you hang up, you remember the most important blockade between you and the open road: your bank account says “not today, Jerry.”

Tough, I know. Been there, done that. What is there left to do in San Marcos, Texas with $5 and limited options? You can try to Google search all of the possible answers to this detrimental question, or you can keep reading. Allow me to give you a helpful guide to a weekend in San Marcos, for $5 or less.

1) Red Box Movies and Potluck Dinner

A group of friends and a little change can make a heck of a difference on a penny pincher night. Grab a few people that you know and a Red Box movie to make the evening eventful, for nothing more than a small price. Red Box movies are rented out per night for $1.50, which gives you room to grab more than one. As for the potluck, have your friends bring one item each, and as a group, you will have enough to munch on, free of cost.

2) Night in with Friends

Go night swimming with friends and take advantage of the late summer heat. Photo by Jourdan Bazley.
Go night swimming with friends and take advantage of the late summer heat. Photo by Jourdan Bazley.

Nights with friends can make some of the best memories. Maybe you choose to get dressed up and go party hop. Perhaps you are more inclined to stay in and take it easy. Either way, this is free. You could make a “how to” video for something like “how to bake a pie,” or “how to cut your friends hair.” You could even gather some things around your house, like magazines and glue, to make a vision-board, start a bucket list or just talk and catch up on each other’s lives. All free, all fun.

3) Hot Tubbing and Night Swimming

Most of the apartments around San Marcos have hot tubs or pools. If you know someone that lives in an apartment with a late night pool, take advantage of it. Grab a friend or two, and enjoy that last few nights that you have in this warm weather. Night swimming can consist of funny jokes, games of chicken, great pictures or a soak in the hot tub. Maybe you’ll even meet some new people while you all get out of the house.

4) Board Games and Exxon Tacos

We all have that one friend that is so competitive that you question their sanity after you pull a win in the game. Let those friends have one night to shine. Board games tend to be so underrated. That is, until you get a group of friends together and rekindle the laughter and exhilaration that comes from some good competition. Cards Against Humanity, Twister or Clue can be great for a group of you. Card games like spoons and Mafia are also very fun and energetic, and don’t cost more that a deck of cards. Tacos from Bobcat Quickie are tasty and freshly made 24-hours a day. For $4.97, you can enjoy two tacos and a drink. Go ahead and save the number in your phone, because once you try them, you will want them again and again.

5) Sand Volleyball at Sewell

At night, Sewell Park is so peaceful and full of potential. Sand volleyball is a fun way to bring your athleticism to life, as well as your social skills. Getting out of the house for cheap is not always the easiest thing, but with this totally free game, you will really enjoy the experience. Get six people together and head to the river to join six others for a quick game or two. Most of the time people will already be there for you to meet and play against. Volleyball is very fun, no matter if you have two or six friends present.

6) Save Money While Binge-Watching a Netflix Series

Save the money that you would spend by going out by staying in and watching Netflix with friends. Photo by Jourdan Bazley.
Save the money that you would spend by going out by staying in and watching Netflix with friends. Photo by Jourdan Bazley.

A money jar could be the start to something great. Save up and put the five dollars in a jar for later. The idea is to watch your savings grow. Netflix is a great Saturday night in, and there are many lists, like this one from Paste Magazine, of Netflix films that you may not have seen, but would really enjoy. Create a jar that is just for the little change that you don’t spend on the weekends, and watch your stash get bigger as the days roll by.

7) Hookah

Hookah is a great group pass-time that can serves as a nice social setting. There are many locations for Hookah around San Marcos, like The Stratosphere Lounge and Bad Habits Hookah Lounge that are great for relaxing and having good conversations. With a group of four, you each will spend only five dollars for a flavor. The more people, the cheaper the experience will be for everyone. Hookah is a sharable item for however many friends that you would like to include. Lounges also have a relaxing environment for those that may choose not to do hookah, but would like to come along for the social aspect of the night.

These seven ideas for a cheap but awesome weekend are now yours to explore. Take advantage of the time that you have off and enjoy what San Marcos has to offer. A little fun can go a long way, and for fewer than five dollars, these seven ideas are well worth a try. Have fun, Bobcats!

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