Drive In Bliss

By Kimberly Garcia
Blog Content Contributor

Anytime I was visiting with one of my friends, the idea of going to see the latest film always came up. However, I was never a fan of going to the movies. I didn’t like the idea of paying for something I could just wait to come out on Redbox. The overpriced snacks didn’t help the argument to go either. After going to a drive in movie, I’ll never put up a fight to go again.

The movie starts just as the sun goes down. Photo by Kimberly Garcia.
The movie starts just as the sun goes down. Photo by Kimberly Garcia.

I really liked this experience because you have more freedom than at a regular movie theater. You can take in your own snacks without worrying if you’ll get caught. Another perk to this drive in are the concession prices.  If you decide not to take your own snacks or if your soda gets hot, you can get a nice side cup for a nice price. You’ll also get to see two movies for the price of one. There is a break between each movie so you can get comfortable or buy a snack.

The sound of the movie is broadcasted on the radio, so a downfall might be a dead car battery, but the drive in did offer the resources to give cars a boost. If you’re going to the drive in with one other person, any car will do. Even in a small car, you don’t have to worry about large trucks obstructing the screen. There are mounds of gravel that the cars sit on, which helps with avoiding another car from blocking the view. The spaces are distanced apart, so it’s unlikely that you’ll hear commentary from the cars around you. If you are looking to go with a larger group of people, then I would suggest taking some folding chairs and going in a vehicle that has a hatchback or a truck. If you sit outside, it may be a little harder to hear the sound from the radio and you are more likely to hear the people around you.

Overall, I enjoyed going the drive in. It’s definitely something you can do for fun if you’re running low on money. If you are someone that hates going to the movies, then a trip to the drive in may change your mind.

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