The Bubble Believer Brings Positivity To Texas State

By Dawson VanSteenhouse
News Reporter 

Joseph Losoya, The Bubble Believer. Photo by Dawson VanSteenhouse

Over the past couple of years Texas State University has been privileged to
be in the presence of a man known as the Bubble Believer. Joseph Losoya, the believer, is much more diverse than the average bubble, and I found that out as I sat down with him to discuss the path he took to himself where he is today.

Joseph Losoya, out of San Antonio, Texas, was studying to become an electrical engineer at a North Dakota military school, when he, along with an electrical engineering team, was deployed on tour to Afghanistan for six months. While there, he built northern Afghanistan’s first helicopter landing pad, and, luckily,
never came across any serious danger.

“There was no real serious combat,” Losoya said. “I was blessed to have a pretty laid back deployment.”

After Losoya returned from his tour he realized that his passions didn’t lie within electrical engineering, so he moved back to San Antonio to study advertising and public relations at Palo Alto college. While there Losoya dabbled in the music industry by remixing a famous rap song, and freestyling with his friends.

“I like freestyling,” said Losoya. “I’m not the best at recording, but I am always down to collaborate, and I could tell when I made this song that people genuinely liked it.”

After earning his associates in public relations, Losoya transferred to Texas State University. He decided that every Monday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., he would blow bubbles with his piñata, Walter, to the university’s students.

“It’s so rewarding,” Losoya said. “If it wasn’t for all the Bobcats that loved it, I wouldn’t be doing it.”

The believer is a senior this year, and after college he plans on getting a steady job in Mass Communication.

“I keep my goals simple,” Losoya said. “As long as the job has room for growth and a positive message, I’ll be happy.”

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