Corrine Bailey Rae Discusses Afro-futurism, Austin and Her Comeback

By Brittany Robinson
Station Manager

With the recent release of her fifth music video, “Hey, I Won’t Break Your Heart” from off of her latest album, The Heart Speaks in Whispers, Corrine Bailey Rae has been on tour promoting her album non-stop. In just the last month, she started her first UK headlining tour in five years, performed at the Grammy Museum and had a performance Austin City Limits.

Since her debut ten years ago, with hit “Put Your Records On”, Corrine had become somewhat of a household name. People of all generations applauded her talent and abilities and after a six-year hiatus, which included her building a studio in her hometown and a move to Los Angeles, fans were glad to see her making music again. This time with a funkier sound with a new aesthetic that would flirt with Afro-futurism.

“I think I got a lot of experience moving to a new city and meeting new people,” Rae said. “I hung out with KING, Moses Sumney, Thundercat and just this really inspiring bunch of musicians who I felt were all doing their thing in a very independent way. I think that helped me realize I was on the right track to do things independently, and experiment and produce myself.”

Rae exudes life and brightness in her music, a quality that also shines through in her performance and presence. She’s a friendly and modest person who seems to appreciate the little things in life. She wants to be relatable and have a connection with those around her.

In regards to her new album, she said, “It’s cosmic, joyous and natural.” After watching Rae perform live and interviewing her, I can say her album truly reflects her spirit, cosmic, joyous and natural.

Featured image by Stephanie Warren.

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