Recap: College Radio Day

By Madison Tyson
Staff Photographer

On Friday, Nov. 4 from 12:00 a.m.-11:59 p.m., a full 24 hours, KTSW participated in College Radio Day. Hundreds of college radio stations around the world went live on-air the entire day. KTSW broadcasted from the Trinity building on Texas State University’s campus with a packed schedule of DJs and specialty shows. As a part of the big day, KTSW also put on Laugh Tracks, an event from 8:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. at George’s in the LBJ Student Center, that had performances by comedians, Jack Neil and Jared McCorkl and DJ Vannah B in between sets.

As the prime time of College Radio Day came around, Other Side Drive live-streamed the show on the KTSW Facebook page, because they wanted to change it up a bit so the listeners could see the faces behind the voices they always hear. The comment feed on the live-stream practically became a group text between the host, John Gonzales’, family members while everyone else watched it hilariously go down. Other Side Drive hosts Belen Ramos and John Gonzales unfortunately had the phone line go down during the show, but recovered quickly and gracefully by taking to Twitter for song requests.

After one great show came another: Music Talks, with hosts DeMarcus Cobb, Natalia Glenn, and Ezlyh Gutierrez. The talented and talkative trio intrigued their audience with interesting discussions of various subjects. The energy throughout the day never lagged, even when the KTSW Sports team announced that the San Marcos HS Rattlers lost against Bowie HS in the football game for district champion. The night came to an end with The Cypher getting everyone ready for the weekend and my car radio glowing with FM 89.9 on the screen.

All photos by Madison Tyson

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