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By Maria Martinez
Blog Content Contributor

At this point of the semester, I just don’t want to eat anything anymore because I have spent so much money on food. Since I am always running around, from school to work, from work to internship, from internship to group meetings; I always end up eating fast food on-the-go. It makes me really mad because my fridge is usually full of food, and I don’t use it. It’s sad to think how many people would love to have food in their home, and here I am spending my money in ways I don’t need to.

Whole wheat thin rounds are the go-to base for creating a healthy pizza from home. Photo by Madison Tyson

Almost every day I buy Subway or whatever is near me. When I go to Subway I get the Italian B.M.T. which is $6.75. If I multiply that by the seven days of the week, its $47.25. and if I go even further and multiply it by the weeks I am here in school… Well, I really would prefer living without knowing that information.  It would kill me to know how much clothes I could’ve bought with that money.

A month ago while I was doing my grocery shopping, I was complaining to my mom on the phone about how unhealthy I was eating. She told me I should buy whole wheat thin rounds to make my own healthy pizza. She is a kindergarten teacher and that is what they sometimes give kids for lunch. I loved the idea. I remembered eating that back home and how easy and fast it was to make. Which was exactly what I needed, food that doesn’t require hours to prepare and that I can easily take wherever I am running to.

So, since I know I am not the only one dealing with unhealthy habits and rushing; I want to pass to all of you these little recipes that have helped me a lot during the last couple of weeks. Plus, you can do both of the recipes, with the same whole wheat thin rounds that I mentioned before which is only $2.38!

Healthy Pizza


  1. First you get all your ingredients from the fridge. Keep the thin rounds inside so they last longer.
  2. Separate the thin rounds into two, and spread the tomato or pasta sauce in each half.
  3. Add the shredded mozzarella and the pepperonis on top.
  4. Set your toaster oven in toast (so the thin round gets a little crunchy) and leave the mini pizzas for 15 minutes.
  5. Now your food is ready! I usually add parmesan cheese and red crushed pepper because I love spicy food.

This recipe will cost you less than $10, it takes you 15 minutes and it will feed you for eight days. What else could you ask for?

Do it yourself Subway

food 2.jpg
Why spend money on Subway when you can make at home yourself? Photo by Madison Tyson

I told you that whenever I go to Subway, I get the Italian B.M.T. Well, this sub has Genoa salami, spicy pepperoni, and Black Forest Ham. Since we already have the thin rounds and the pepperoni, we just need the ham and salami. Remember we are trying to save money, so you can replace the black forest ham with the ham you usually buy. I like buying turkey ham, but it is about your own personal preference.


  1. You separate the thin rounds into two.
  2. Spread mayo and mustard as much as you like.
  3. Add the ham, salami, pepperoni and cheese.
  4. Before you close your sub, add some ranch (you will thank me later).
  5. You can also add veggies if you have some in your fridge. I usually add lettuce and tomato. And obviously jalapenos.

I hope these couple of recipes help you as much as they have helped me. They are so easy and delicious, just like if you had bought them in a restaurant.

Featured image by Madison Tyson.

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