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I Am 21. What Now?

todayJanuary 3, 2017 14

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By Asia Daggs
Assistant Web Content Manager

I am finally 21, but I’m still waiting on the big magical revelation.

I have anticipated this “big day” since I was a kid, and now that it is here, I am not sure how to feel. Is this the birthday that marks my newly reached stage of adulthood or is it simply the day I can legally hit up the liquor store? Most will say option two, but of course, in my little complex mind, I was expecting so much more. Here are a few reasons of why turning 21 is a huge jumble of mixed emotions and confusion for me.

First, my roommates were appalled that I had no desire to hit the Dirty 6th or a local club to celebrate. Fun fact: I hate clubbing. I am not sure if it comes from my issues with germs and claustrophobia, but clubs and parties are just not for me. I know everyone awaits the day they can go somewhere and get legally wasted, but that is literally the last thing on my agenda. That makes me wonder if I am even still considered a college student…

It's nice to know that I can legally drink. Too bad I still don't care to.
It’s nice to know that I can legally drink. Too bad I still don’t care to.

Secondly, I feel as though I am now in this small area of the unknown. Maybe I was expecting this sudden realization of what I’m supposed to be doing what my life. Why? I will never know, but I do know that I am far from it. My family keeps telling me, “Oh, you’re a real adult now,” which only adds on to the pressure. I can proudly say that I am not a full functioning human being, let alone an adult. Now, I will be attempting to master the “twenty one twenty fun” phase.

On the third note, my life is currently in pieces. How can I be cheery about turning 21 when I am still trying to pick up the remaining bits of the so called “best years of my life”? School, work and keeping up with my social life has really been the downfall of me. Stress and procrastination overcame me and now I am playing catch up. It is all fun and games until life hits you with the same force as an 18 wheeler. I’m guessing I was not in the right state of mind to fully appreciate the occasion.

Now, do not get me wrong. I love birthdays. I was super excited the morning I woke up and loved being wished a happy one from all of my friends. I was just anticipating so much more signification of being 21 for some mysterious reason. After the glow left, I came to recognize that it is just another birthday, no magical phenomenon. However, it is more than okay. I came to the realization that this year is the one that sets my childhood behind me. I feel extremely grateful and blessed to be able to see 21 years. I had to remind myself that I need to revel in each and every day without worrying about the next. With that being said, all glory to the man upstairs!

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