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How To Start Your Own Blog

todayJanuary 28, 2017 12

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By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor

Many people who read blogs consider writing their own someday. However, writing a blog is not as easy as reading one already written. There are decisions that must be made in order to create a great one. This blog post touches on a few key issues bloggers run into when they begin blogging. For anyone interested in starting their own blog, reading the following paragraphs will be very beneficial.

Picking a theme for a blog is perhaps the first important step that a blogger must make. The reason for the importance is because the theme affects other elements of the blog like the name, content and blog post topics, etc. Now, when deciding the theme make sure it is specific, but not too specific. This sounds like an oxymoron, but when picking a theme keep it specific to a certain topic so that the topic can be written about for an extended period of time. This way the blog will fulfill its own niche. Uniqueness in a blog will allow it to stand out from its competition, because readers will return to it. Now when writing this blog research the topics that you write about. Readers are wanting to read blogs with its facts straight, so once a blog’s theme is picked do some research. A blogger is sometimes viewed as being an expert on their topic. Because of this ideology, bloggers need to pick a theme they are already/ or could become experts on. 

Another aspect a blogger must consider when starting their own blog, is if they enjoy the theme being blogged about. Blogs are not methods of one way communication, like newspapers. A blog is online so viewers can respond to blog post. Blog viewers return to blogs they like because it contains a theme the wish to learn about. A blogger must know their topic well in order to gain healthy fan bases. This is why being enthusiastic about the theme is important. A successful blog is not just viewed as a hobby by its writer, it’s part of their life. It is easy to gain an idea about how a blogger feels about their blog after reading a few post. 

Picking a theme for your new blog will set the tone for your topics and post information. Photo by Austin Cowan

New bloggers often make the mistake of thinking that blogs are online diaries. This misconception can doom a blog because successful blogs answer the readers’ questions. Some personal information about the blog writer can be inserted in the blog, because it helps readers feel connected to the writer. Just keep things professional and do not make blogs bios. One more thing to consider when writing a blog is the length of a post. For more information about how to write a blog post, check out Word Counter Blog.

One last thing to consider when starting a blog is how it will be made. There are many online blog making sites already, so new bloggers only have to decide on one and pick whether they are willing to make payments on it or not. WordPress and Blogger are both good choices for anyone new at blogging. In order to grab the attention of potential readers, include pictures and/or videos in each of your blog posts. Every blog making site has its own advantages and weaknesses, so go check them out!

Starting a blog comes with its own challenges that need to be conquered. For anyone passionate about what they are writing about these issues will not be a problem. When creating a blog consider every element that goes into it, so the right message can be portrayed. Happy blogging!

Featured image by Austin Cowan

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