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By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor

QC Meat Market, or Quinta Caporales, is a meat market in San Marcos which serves the Texas community. Customers can either enjoy some fine Mexican cuisine at the market’s restaurant, or purchase their own groceries to eat at home. Locals in the area, like me, come here frequently because of the high quality food and service. Anyone who wishes to experience the maximum San Marcos experience will find themselves shopping here.

The Shopping Experience

Shopping at Quinta Caporales never disappoints. Photo taken by Austin Cowan.

Walking into Quinta Caporales makes me feel like I have entered into an intimate community rather than a corporate grocery store. As a college student I am constantly surrounded by my peers whether I am on campus, at my apartment or my neighborhood grocery store. Sometimes I just need a break and experience life within a community filled with people who are not in my age group. Shopping at Quinta Caporales gives me the retreat I often desire. The market is smaller than other grocery stores in the area, making me feel like a stepped back into a time when major corporations did not control all thecommerce within their environment. When talking to the staff or locals in the store I am greeted by friendly people of all ages. From the little time I have shopped here not only have I developed a better tie with the San Marcos community, but I have developed new friendships as well. I am proud to say that I am a regular customer of Quinta Caporales, because of the cultural connection I have with it.

The Restaurant

The restaurant is filled with not just the rich aroma of fajita meat, but the chatter of friends and family sharing a meal together. The seating section is sanctioned off from the rest of the market allowing conversations to easily form. When coming here to eat go ahead and ask other people in line what is their favorite dish, it’s a great way to try new food without worrying about whether you will like it or not. (Disclaimer: All the food is good. Trust me, I’ve visited frequently enough to know.) My personal favorite item to order is a fajita taco with chicken meat. The flavor of the meat is strong and rich, making the taste buds in my mouth feel like they each found a pot of gold. The tortillas are thick, yet soft, making it easy to move food into my mouth. Their breakfast and lunch tacos are a popular option, but the tacos offered all day, so arrive on time if you really want that particular dish.

The Butcher Shop

One of the best things about Quinta Caporales is the butcher shop. Most meat sections of groceries stores are all prepackaged meat, while QC packages its meat right in front of the customers. Personally I find this interesting, because it allows me to understand the process my food goes through before it is on my dinner plate. When picking out some meat, don’t be afraid to buy something you have not cooked before, such as an entire catfish or a pig head. Trying out new things can be fun, so take a risk and cook a dish you never attempted to before. Watching YouTube videos will be help answer any cooking questions that may come up. Once you have finished preparing the food enjoy eating it with some loved ones. Dinner with the entire family may feel like an outdated tradition but it is by far one of the best ones.

Why you should support small businesses.

Part of the reason why I love coming to Quinta Caporales is the cultural connection it has with San Marcos. This market is not just a place to get food, it is a meeting place for San Marcos residents to come to. Quinta Caporales has allowed me to become more connected with the community I live in. If you decide to support small businesses in your area, it will help you to become more connected as well. Stop isolating yourself within the mundane routines of your daily life, and go be a part of your community. Make a stand and support your friends and family by supporting small businesses. This will not only allow you to develop better ties with surrounding businesses, but with the people you care about.

Quinta Caporales is a great way to get out of the college bubble that exist at Texas State University. So support local businesses by checking Quinta Caporales. There is no other way to achieve the maximum San Marcos experience without it.

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