In the Public Interest meets Relationship 101

By Amanda Forbes and Aaron Derton
In the Public Interest Hosts

Love is in the air as 2017 transitions into the month of February. What started out as a holiday to honor Christian saints such as Valentinus has turned into an annual holiday to celebrate relationships. Usually when one thinks of Valentine’s Day, they think of only the relationships celebrated by partners. However, love can come in many different forms. Friends, family and fellow students have an impact on our lives from cradle to grave. 

Lucero Trevino2.jpg
Love comes in all forms of relationships. Photo by Lucero Trevino.

Look at the different types of relationships formed between people with In the Public Interest hosts Amanda Forbes and Aaron Derton. If you missed the show, you can listen to the full audio below.

Some of our strongest relationships are formed with the people we meet in college. Reporter Jackie Ordanio has more.

Not all relationships are easy to maintain. Reporter Morgan Burrell will tell us how long distances can strain relationships between people.

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