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An image of a single woman on her phone and "There's plenty of fish" text above her.


It’s Okay To Be Single Today: 7 Things to Do

By Tiger ShiWeb Content Contributor Studio C's YouTube video and comedy skit "Table for One." Dinner reservations, chocolate gifts and stuffed animal exchanges are frequent on Valentine’s Day. If you are single, it may spark a sense of jealousy within to see couples enjoy such things, and it is completely natural as human beings to have such feelings. The key is to re-direct those negative thoughts. I prescribe this […]

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The Best Love Songs For Your Valentine’s Day Jams

By Melanie Love SalazarWeb Content Contributor Some people (who are incredibly cheesy) say that “music is the language of feelings.” I too am a part of that group of cheesy people who believe music is the language of feelings. Where words fail and our mind can not accurately string together the thoughts we want to say, I think songs can. An interesting characteristic about love songs is it is difficult […]

todayFebruary 14, 2021 76

Image of picture taken of “A Man and A Woman” soundtrack album surrounded by heart stickers and textured shapes


Valentine’s Day and Every Other Day You’re in Love: A Playlist

By Diamond PedrozaMusic Journalist This Valentine’s Day might be different for some of us because of COVID-19. Whether you will be spending the holiday alone or with a special someone, you can listen to music anywhere. My playlist mixes some upbeat, mellow, and Spanish tunes that, in my opinion, are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Below I included my top five picks, which are followed by a link to my playlist. […]

todayFebruary 13, 2021 34

Map of the United States with a paper airplane being mailed from one heart to another representing a long-distance relationship.


Long-Distance Relationships are Doable during COVID-19

By Allison SchroederWeb Content Contributor Long-distance relationships are often seen as taboo and written off as something that isn’t doable, especially in college, but they are.  In the times of  COVID-19, long-distance relationships are becoming more prominent and challenging due to the fears and risks of traveling during a pandemic.  As a former military child, I have always known of long-distance relationships.  I moved around every three or four years […]

todayFebruary 13, 2021 412

Two hands holding flowers


Two San Antonio Artists Release Valentine’s Day Themed EP

By Samantha OeschMusic Journalist With Valentine’s Day coming up, people are looking for different ways to express their love. There are endless possibilities such as cards and candy, but a love song means something much more. San Antonio creatives Ultraviolet Boy and Joslyn Daniel recorded a two-song, split EP that is a perfect message to send to loved ones this Valentine’s Day. From cherished friendships to longing love interests, Dream […]

todayFebruary 13, 2021 74

"Eros of Dream" EP cover art by Martin Delgado, an image of two hands holding flowers.


Valentine’s Day themed EP release by two San Antonio artists

By Samantha OeschMusic Journalist "Dream of Eros" EP cover art by Martin Delgado With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, people are looking for different ways to express their love. There are endless possibilities such as roses and chocolates, but a love song means something much more. San Antonio creatives, Ultraviolet Boy and Joslyn Daniel, recorded a two-song, shared EP that is a perfect message to send to loved ones […]

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Text that says "What Your Girl (Probably) Really Wants for Valentine's Day" with hearts.


What your girl really wants for Valentine’s Day

By Ally Bolender Assistant Web Content Manager It’s that time of the year where stores decorate with pink and red and when sales invite you to spend money on marked-up items because they’re associated with love. But before you start dropping money on overpriced stuffed animals and candies, here are some other options that may make more of a statement of love for your special girl. Full disclosure, this article […]

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A picture of my copy of Hopeless Savages, Bloom and Blue Is the Warmest Color


The Most Romantic Graphic Novels for Valentine’s Day

By Andrea MauWeb Content Contributor Why read your romance this Valentine’s when there are pictures? Graphic novels are the freshest medium on the market, offering a plethora of romance with unique storytelling elements. All of the following can be read in one sitting, so treat yourself this holiday and wrap up with your coziest blankets, favorite beverage and one of these feel-good stories.  Cover of Bloom. Image by Savanna Ganucheau. […]

todayFebruary 12, 2020 216

A smiling young man in a gray sweater with a gold watch and a cross necklace.


Valentine’s Day Sound Portrait

By Jaden Edison Senior Production Assistant A married couple is faced with the ultimate obstacle — the wife’s parents are not fans of their son-in-law because he is not what they “imagined” him to be. After years of discomfort with this reality, the wife decides to split from her husband and file for divorce. Years later, they come across each other and begin a friendship — a friendship where they […]

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