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By Allison L. Johnson
Blog Content Contributor

TV shows are wonderful. There are so many mediums that we can watch shows and movies on now. One in seven households has cut the cord to watch TV via the internet. As much as I love, and will always love good old fashioned television, I am also a fan of content that you can stream from the internet. Of course we have Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon video but there are other sources of original content you can view. Do you ever like some of the videos and articles your friends share on Facebook?

Thanks to a YouTuber, I found the perfect blush for my skin tone! Photo by Allison Johnson.

Think about it. You probably have that girl on your Facebook page who always shares videos of makeup tutorials. There’s a good chance the girl in the video is an original content creator on YouTube. YouTube is amazing. There is seriously something for everyone on YouTube. Do you ever look up something simple like a clothing haul from online stores then see a video of girls dressing up as Harley Quinn doing weird role-play in the suggestion box? Yeah… there’s a rather unique or deep web of YouTube too, but that just proves there is an audience for anything and everything. Are you interested in candles? There’s probably a YouTuber who has a channel specifically for telling you what they smell like. So find something you are interested in, and support a small YouTuber. It can be makeup, sketch comedy, you name it. YouTube is like an ‘urban encyclopedia’ now.

Over half of American adults own smartphones, and with smartphones comes visual communication. It’s become easier to gain an audience now since user experience on smartphones is wonderful in 2017. If you’re thinking it’s weird that there is an audience of people who watch a YouTube channel dedicated to candles think about it this way. Are you a huge comedy fan like me? Two words. Comedy Central. Someone knew there was an audience big enough to create an entire TV network dedicated to making us laugh! If you’re a fan of E! because you’re a Kardashian fan, you might want to look into Kourtney Kardashian’s blog. You can hate on her all you want, but the girl is smart. She is doing some great direct-to-fan marketing on her site.

Are you a person interested in sports and comedy? You should check out barstoolsports.com. It started off as a print publication and lifestyle blog for men. They create original content. Their site has satirical web content that a lot of men, and women  find funny. Their content ranges from blogs, short clips, radio, and even podcasts. If you’re a sports fan and like dark humor, this site is for you. The bloggers and hosts have some interesting personalities that you will find funny.

I challenge you to find some content you’re interested in reading or watching weekly, or even daily. Are you into wine? Check out Gary Vaynerchuk. He had a video blog dedicated to wine tasting. He grew his family’s wine business by almost 50 million dollars in 5 years. The vlog definitely had something to do with it. He attracted nearly 80,000 viewers a day.

Thanks to Wi-Fi, we don’t only need cable to indulge in our interests. People are using the internet to reach audiences with plenty of content. There isn’t a better time to reach out to an audience than now.

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