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Meeting My Childhood Crush

todayFebruary 16, 2017 18 1

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By Maria Martinez
Blog Content Contributor

I have liked a lot of boy bands during my 22 years of life, but what girl hasn’t, right? Cute guys singing love songs to you is a no-brainer. We’ve known NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and One Direction, but the boy band who completely stole my heart was the Jonas Brothers.

The Jonas Brothers were my life. I bought every magazine, notebook, poster, t-shirt, bookmark, and thing that had their face on it. I know all of their songs by heart, and I am sure of it because one day I printed all the song’s lyrics and made a book out of them so I could learn every single exact word (I even HAD my sister quiz me). I was head over heels for them and Joe was definitely my favorite one while all of my friends loved curly-haired Nick. That was fine with me, because I was sure Joe was going to be my husband; my first Twitter handle was even @bebisjonas95.

All of us have gone through the experience of a broken heart because our favorite band decided it was better to just split. They forget about our feelings and believe that our lives won’t change without having them together, although it is really not the same thing seeing them go solo.

At the end of last year my sister and I bought concert tickets for the DNCE concert. I wasn’t as excited as back in my middle school days, but the idea of seeing Joe sing again after several years still thrilled me. As I was driving to San Antonio, I couldn’t stop thinking about those days when I would talk about them 24/7, so I called my sister and told her I wanted to buy meet and greet tickets. She was all for it, so we bought them.

I called my dad to tell him, and he told us “please let Joe know that he owes me a lot of money, with everything I have spent on him.” Which is true! Imagine how much money we spend buying CD’s, concert tickets, merchandise, etc. from all of the artists that we love. They are so rich because of us.

DNCE posed for a funny picture at the meet and greet. Photo by DNCE staff.
DNCE posed for a funny picture at the meet and greet. Photo by DNCE staff.

We got to the venue kind of early and were in line for about two hours. I was so nervous when we got to where they were. When it was our turn, I couldn’t believe that I was seeing this beautiful creature. He was just as I had imagined he would be; perfect. However, there was a little flaw… he wasn’t as friendly as I thought he would be. The other three members of the band were nicer to us than him, which I might get because he has been famous for quite some time now. The meet and greet literally lasted like four minutes or less. Like really, I paid 200 dollars for this? I thought I could at least have said how much I loved him, but no, I just had the chance to take two pictures with them. 

I walked out with mixed feelings. I was so happy that I had finally met my childhood crush, but disappointed that it was not how I had imagined it would be. The concert was amazing; seeing them in concert from the front row was an experience that I wouldn’t change for a thing. Everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives.

So, yeah, I still love Joe, and if the Jonas Brothers ever decide to make a reunion, like many of the boy bands do, I would be there front row jamming to all of their songs. So girls, let’s have faith that we all at one point in our lives are going to meet our dream crush, even if it is 10 years after the fact, like mine was.

How many of you have met your childhood crush? Tell me how it was, I would love to know.

Featured Image by DNCE staff.

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  1. luz on March 7, 2017

    Do you have the link to our photos from the concert..? My phone broke and I had it saved and now the link is lost.

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