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Having Fun in College

todayFebruary 22, 2017 5

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By Allison L. Johnson
Blog Content Contributor

If you’re a traditional student here, you’re probably between the ages of 18 and 23. Being so young with only the responsibilities of being a student and holding a part time job will probably be the easiest part of our young adult lives. We’re not exactly kids anymore, but we don’t have the responsibilities of most adults that have already graduated from college and entered the real world.

This is the time for us to have fun and really be able to afford the time to hang out with friends multiple times a week. Everyone has a different idea of fun, and that’s great. What I’ve noticed the past two years is that people like to bash other people’s ideas of fun. If someone wants to meet up with their friends every Tuesday for Dollar Dos, let them. If they want to head to 6th street that weekend, let them.

Why would you want to be so negative about how someone spends their leisure time in college? We’re young and actually have the time for this. You think it’s going to be easy to do have the same lifestyle once we’re paying off student loans and working a job from 8am- 5pm every day? Definitely not. Now is the time for us to enjoy the “party” scene, if that’s what you want to call it.

Themed parties are always fun! Photo by Allison Johnson.

If your idea of fun is hanging out with friends over dinner and a movie, awesome! That is fun as well, and all of us enjoy that too, but don’t bash other people’s idea of fun just because that isn’t your cup of tea. Saying things like “Drinking isn’t cute” or “Does she think she’s going to find a husband partying?” is just downright stupid. Hanging out with friends at a themed frat party, small kickback, bar or a Greek mixer is normal college behavior. Sometimes dinner at Chili’s just isn’t the right social setting. Sorry, not sorry.

If you’re one of those people who has ever said anything negative about how a college student spends their down time, I’m pretty sure you were sitting in your bed all alone watching other people’s snapchat stories or scrolling through their Instagram bored. If you honestly hate it that bad, why do you keep up with that person? Unfollow, unfriend, do what you have to do since you don’t like it.

People who go out probably can because they have some extra spending money, and have finished whatever school work they have. Unless someone is just totally disregarding school for the square, I don’t see the problem with how they spend their weekend. Like I said, we’re young and won’t have our friends down the hall from us, or half a mile away for the rest of our lives. So make the most of the 4 years you have here.

Many adults that I have come across that have college degrees will even advise you to take advantage of this time and use it for work and play. Professors will even preach as long as you have good time management and will put in 110% on the weekdays, have fun of the weekends. Make memories. A lot of us are making lifetime friendships right now, and we all need some good stories to look back on and laugh at when we’re becoming mothers, fathers, engineers, journalists, and even grandparents.

Featured image by Allison Johnson.

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