Easy Ways to Make Money While in College

By Shaeleigh Schmidt
Blog Content Contributor

Being in college usually goes hand in hand with being broke, so here are a few ways to try and avoid the struggle:


Babysitting is the perfect gig for a college student because it’s very flexible. There are plenty of families in the Austin to New Braunfels area that need an occasional sitter. Many families pay $10 or more per hour for child care. Scheduling is great because if you aren’t available you simply say no to that certain job. If you’re interested in finding childcare jobs, visit: https://www.care.com/

Donate Plasma

At the BPL Plasma center in San Marcos you can earn $250 in 5 visits. This certainly isn’t for everyone- but if this is the right fit for you it can certainly pay off to sit in a chair for about an hour. For more information visit: http://www.bplplasma.com/

Become a Tutor

Do you excel at any school subject? If so, create an ad offering tutoring services and post it around campus. This is a very flexible way to make money, so if you think you could help teach any subject to fellow college students, you might as well take advantage of it.

Texas State offers a wide variety of jobs that are notorious for working around class schedules. Photo by Brooke Dolezal.

Get a Job on Campus

You’re already on campus at least a couple of times a week to go to class, so if you’re in need of extra money this could be the perfect route for you. Whether it be working in a dining hall or filing paperwork in an office, I’m sure there is something on campus that could be a good fit for you. Visit: http://www.careerservices.txstate.edu/resources/jobs4cats.html for job openings at Texas State.

Featured image by Shaeleigh Schmidt.

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