KIVA: Metal Mondays Are Here!

By Layna D’Luna
Music Journalist

For metalheads in San Marcos, opportunities to attend live shows almost exclusively require driving to nearby cities. However, it would appear the local metal drought is over! On Jan. 30, ‘Metal Mondays’ kicked off their first night at Kiva, a venue and bar located on the Square. After the closing of several venues that used to host metal nights, Booker/promoter Andrew Caldwell is excited to be bringing metal back to town.

“Metal has been happening here at venues like Gold Crown and Triple Crown for a long time, since I can remember for sure,” Caldwell said. “It has just moved to Austin or San Antonio, waiting for a place to come back to.”

Finding a place for metal among the limited number of venues in San Marcos is a challenge, but Caldwell sees this loss as a chance to work with new locations.

“Having bars or venues close only opens up new opportunities and I am happy to be working with Miles and Casey over at Kiva,” Caldwell said. “They do their jobs well and put on excellent shows. They are as excited as I am to give metal a home in San Marcos.”

For now the events will remain monthly, however Caldwell is planning on starting bi-weekly shows in April. After the success of the first show he is hopeful that metal nights will continue to grow with the community’s support.

“Great turn out, the bands were a critical piece in our success,” Caldwell said. “Mike ‘Fury’ Arellano and Gilly Salazar came through big time on promoting and getting the word out! I could not have done this without their help; thanks dudes.”

The next event is scheduled for Mar. 20, lineup TBA.

Featured image by Hannah Pierce.

Caldwell recommends the following local artists:  Flesh Hoarder, Warhead Wrex, Steel Toe Birth Control, and Cerebral Desecration.


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