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3 Reasons Why Bro Time is Healthy for Men

todayFebruary 27, 2017 169

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By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor

3 Reasons Why Bro Time is Healthy for Men

Many men will support the idea that spending time with their close guy friends is beneficial to their life. Bro time with like minded people can give men a sanctuary to go to when they need support. Bro time helps men heal from emotional/psychological stress while being physically engaging as well. All men are different so there are many ways in which they can spend time with their best friends. This blog post will elaborate on a few ways in which a man can benefit his health while spending time with the squad.

  • Release Anger in Constructive Ways

Anger is a condition people are sometimes in, which can rob the happiness out of the little joys in life: career, friends and family. Unfortunately, when people are together conflict will arise. Even guys with the strongest of bromances will argue with each other from time to time. When anger enters these relationships guys need ways to let it out. Here are a couple methods which allow men to lose any animosity they may have, even if it is against each other, within an appropriate environment.  

First, go play a good game of paintball. Paintball does not just give participants heart-racing excitement, but it is an avenue that builds camaraderie. As a teenager, a few buddies and I would get together and spend our Saturdays splattering one another with paint. As teenage boys, one guy in the group was usually annoyed at someone else. Instead of spreading man-drama around the group, shooting paintballs at one another resolved hurt feelings quite well. (Sidenote: When playing paintball follow all the safety rules the game has. Never shoot a person too close to you, not currently participating or without a mask, no matter how angry/calm you are at the moment.) At the end of the day it did not matter which individual won because we all left as one unified group.

“Behold how good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity.”- Pshalm 133:1

  • Paintball Fields Near San Marcos

A second way for guys to release any anger that they may have with their best friends is by playing video games. Playing violent-competitive video games are a solid way for men to bond together.  I once lived with five guy roommates and conflict did arise, especially over dirty-dishes. Despite annoyances with each other video games brought us all together. By utilizing video games men are able to relieve stress, anger and aggression in a harmless way right inside their own homes. One great benefit about video games is that a man can actually take out anger on his friends without them ever knowing. 

  • Online Games
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Computer Games
  • Get Unplugged From Society

    Kayaking is a great outdoor adventure for you and all of your bros. Photo by Austin Cowan.

Sometimes all a person needs is a break. Many men grow tired of being bombarded by work. In a society increasingly becoming more digitalized, it sometimes feel impossible to completely get away from it all. Fortunately, getting unplugged from the system is easier than it seems. There are countless activities that men can do with their friends. Engaging in outdoor activities is one way to do this: kayaking, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, etc. Engaging in outdoor activities will allow guys to spend quality time together while lost in nature. For city dwellers who are not near any parks, sports are a phenomenal alternative. Basketball is a great way for guys to forget about work and school. Competitive games are fun but for anyone not into high impact sports games, golf will be a great alternative for you. Some buddies and I love to go to the driving range after a long week of test at school and hit golf balls. It is one of the few times where the world seems to temporarily become obsolete and the only thing that matters is perfecting the technique of my swing. No matter what kind of activity a man is into, it is beneficial to do it with friends who share the same passion. This will make the work week bearable and enjoyable for all.

  • Share a Meal Together

Men sharing meals together is one of the most simple ways to gain true friendships that will last for a lifetime. Test have proven that sharing a meal together is one of the most intimate activities friends can do together. Which is believable because a man’s health will benefit physically from the food he consumes, psychologically from the conversation being had and emotionally from the strength that comes with the formation of camaraderie. Camaraderie will help men get through all the challenges life contains. Many men want to have a core group of friends but struggle to find it where they are. For over a year now some men and I have been meeting up on Thursday mornings for our weekly ritual called Taco Thursday. An average of eight men will wake up early for nine o’clock brunch at Casa De Don Lorenzo to discuss what life is doing to us currently. “ And they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers… So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.”- Acts 4:42,46-47 There is no doubt about it; sharing a meal with your best friends is one of the best ways for a man to better his health. Camaraderie is not something a person just receives, it is a daily commitment that must be maintained. So do not just sit around and wait for a friend to call you up to go get Whataburger. Take initiative and plan out a time to get together with friends you know well and friends and acquaintances you do not know so well. Not only will initiating friend get-togethers build your skills as a leader, it will give you the right to pick the restaurant. So what are you waiting for? Go make a change and better your health by eating food with friends who can be considered brothers.

  • Other Men’s Views on the Significance of Bro Time.

“Bro time is a necessary bonding time with guys where we grow closer and connect with each other by putting each other down in hilarious ways, violently insulting (sometimes assaulting) each other, competing vigorously against each other or lazily doing nothing in each other’s presence. Bro time is a sacred ritual of men that strengthens friendships, character and generally looks displeasingly crude to any outside observer.”- Daniel Kirwin

“Manliness is the desire of all boys. But manliness is not achieved by merely getting older. Manliness must be learned and earned by interacting with men away from women. Men are defined by their break from the feminine world of their mothers and taking their place amongst the world of other men. This world has a different currency than that of womenâ respect. As boys watch older men who have lived a life worthy of respect, they see living examples of that which they desire to achieve. Bros are on this journey towards manliness together. Living together and interacting together provides the competition necessary for male fulfillment, the competition that spurs a bro to not only run the race, but run the race faster and better than his friend, yet at the same time hoping his friend runs as well and makes it a good race.” – James Cowan

Featured image by Austin Cowan. 

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